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Book Show - call for copies

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  • Jill Littlewood
    I think I posted this earlier but I d rather do it twice than not at all: Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 23:10:44 -0700 From: Judith Hoffberg
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3 7:42 AM
      I think I posted this earlier but I'd rather do it twice than not at all:

      Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 23:10:44 -0700

      From: Judith Hoffberg <umbrella@...>

      Subject: Call to all Southern California Artists Who Make Books



      > Art Catalogues at MOCA, Pacific Design Center and Umbrella are

      > collaborating in a wide and resplendent exhibition of contemporary

      > artist bookworks which will be accessible to the public for

      > exploration and sales during the course of the Artist Book Exhibition

      > upstairs in the Galleries at MOCA, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles.

      > We want bookworks from San Diego to Santa Barbara, so please tell your

      > colleagues.


      > We are asking for more than one copy of artist books which will be

      > sent on consignment to Art Catalogues for the duration of the

      > exhibition opening on 19 October and closing sometime in January. If

      > you send at least 5 copies, we will try to sell them to the public

      > during the holiday season and before and after as well.


      > If you do send a one-of-a-kind bookwork, then realize that it will be

      > handled by the public in the bookstore.


      > Books are to be consigned and sent, before October 3, 2008, to:

      > Art Catalogues at MOCA

      > Attn: Dagny Corcoran

      > 8687 Melrose Avenue, G102

      > West Hollywood, CA 90069

      > (310) 289-5223


      > Necessary information is to be supplied:

      > Title

      > Artist/Author

      > Publisher

      > City

      > Year

      > Price/Discount (I must have at least 30% per MOCA, as all sales go

      > through their register) Description, including edition size, where

      > signed, number of pages, medium and any interesting side-note. Dagny

      > put each book in a plastic bag together with the description and price

      > Contact address, e-mail and phone number





      Judith A. Hoffberg

      Editor & Publisher, Umbrella


      Jill Littlewood

      VP Annual Meetings for the Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.


      435 E. Pedregosa

      Santa Barbara, CA, 93103

      (805) 898-9260 (home)

      (805) 448-2045 (cell)

      (805) 898-0703 (fax)


      Kona, Hawaii, October 23 -26, 2008

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