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Type cases and a Kensol stamping press

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  • rsimola@netzero.net
    I live in Templeton, and I have two type cabinets full of type and a Kensol stamping press that are in need of a new home. The Kensol is in need of a chase.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2008
      I live in Templeton, and I have two type cabinets full of type and a Kensol stamping press that are in need of a new home. The Kensol is in need of a chase. There is no cost. You just have to come and get them.

      Bob Simola

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    • Barry A Kintner
      Good day all - -- I m not sure if any of you have a store on CafePress or not (or care) - but ... -- CafePress has announced the acquisition of ImageKind -
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 9, 2008
        Good day all -

        -- I'm not sure if any of you have a 'store' on CafePress or not (or
        care) - but ...

        -- CafePress has announced the acquisition of "ImageKind" - with
        changes to the structure at some future date. To me - THIS IS

        -- CafePress was recently reported to be the #1 internet-based
        business worldwide. It is a POD (print-on-demand) business offering
        about 90 different items you can sell in your 'store' with your
        images on them. An oddly broad-range of items from thongs to framed
        prints ... ?

        -- You do -nothing- other than prepare images as you like - to their
        specs (sizes-aspect ratios-digital image format) - and you upload
        them to your store, select the products you feel will sell, set your
        markups, and maintain -your- store(s) - and CafePress does -
        everything- else (order taking, credit card/payment acceptance,
        packing, shipping, even returns if they happen).

        -- You are encouraged to do some promotion for yourself and are free
        to do that as you choose - but they assist. And the also buy Google
        AdWords (meaning your stuff can show up on an internet search by
        'keywords'). You will want to learn how to choose (up to 20)
        'keywords' (which they automatically alphabetically arrange on
        'save') so your stuff shows up when a customer comes to the website
        and searches for things they want to buy (no other reason to visit
        except to buy).

        -- I keep a separate website as a 'hub' for all my sections where I
        can do as I like - whereas there are -some- (few) restrictions with
        CafePress 'stores'. http://www.a2zgraphicsworks.com (fyi) I am just
        preparing to open a second store too. Some people have several
        'premium' stores as sell L O T S.

        -- Example of keywords for a photo of the Santa Barbara Courthouse
        (my favorite court building) - california, photo, courthouse, santa
        barbara, court, building, and others you might think of - - that a
        customer will use to search.

        -- Now - CafePress' products are overpriced in comparison to buying
        100 of some item yourself - but - they take care of everything else
        (paid for in the 'wholesale' price deducted from your 'retail' price -
        when an item sells-).

        -- It seems ImageKind is similarly structured - but may change to
        become more in line with CafePress (I hope).

        -- You can get a 'free' store on CafePress (where you will be allowed
        to sell -one image- placed on any number of their products you like).
        Then you open as many free stores as you like - which becomes a
        nightmare to manage.

        -- But, anyone serious about their art and sales will want a
        'Premium' store at just less than $60 a year. In the Premium store
        you can have thousands of images if you wanted (some are reported to
        have over 40,000! now). Then you apply an image to the items you
        choose, create sections (by type, kind, product, themed, etc etc).

        -- ImageKind is focused on 'fine' art, with higher-priced 'art'
        (compared to 'graphics' often found on CafePress stores). They are
        offering framed prints, canvas, museum grade, Giclee prints ...

        -- I have no interest in CafePress beyond my 'store' (which has
        allowed this mostly non-driving, partly homebound, Veteran living on
        a -tiny- disability pension to keep a roof over my head for nearly
        two years now). It is not a perfect situation - but there are people
        there reportedly making over $100,000 from their stores!

        -- I do NOT know if this will work for you - but I think it is worth
        a look to see for yourself if you want to sell more art. YMMV (your
        mileage may vary).

        -- CafePress reports they have over 2.5 million (yes, million) stores
        currently - my member number is well over #6,000,000 !!! I do NOT
        know much (yet) about ImageKind - but sure am looking.

        -- I'm just tooo excited about the possibilities for artists in
        having a store reaching the entire world at such a low price - so if
        you are not interested - please ignore.

        -- http://www.cafepress.com
        -- http://www.imagekind.com

        Barry Kintner - a2z@... - Phoenix, Arizona
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