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Workshop schedule for a Los Angeles Winter, 2008

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  • rosequeen48
    Charlene Matthews Bindery 5720 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038 323-962-2109 Workshop schedule for a Los Angeles Winter, 2008. Hello! Here is my new class
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2008
      Charlene Matthews
      5720 Melrose Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90038

      Workshop schedule for a Los Angeles Winter, 2008.

      Hello! Here is my new class schedule for the next
      three months. I want to thank everyone who attended
      the last classes, I feel it was a great success and
      saw some Amazing Binding going on. Each class is
      geared for both the beginning and advanced student, it
      is too hard to give each student a class on his or her
      level, all I can do is supply the equipment and
      knowledge I have. Classes are limited to 5-6 people.
      Bring basic binding stuff, if you are a first timer,
      just show up. As per norm, we will also fire up the
      Kwikprint/Stove and do some basic tool work.

      I am offering some restoration classes. Basically you
      will bring one of your own books that need repaired.
      One class is not enough if you are serious about this.
      This is just the beginning of these class offerings,
      and if there is enough interest, they will become a
      regular every other Saturday. Note: the restoration
      classes are sandwiched between the fine binding class.
      They do go hand in hand, many of the same objectives
      will be covered.

      Each class is $130.00 No lab fees. Classes held on
      Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Bring a lunch, or get
      something from Astroburger down the street. Ample
      parking in the back parking lot (except in the Framer
      Guys 2 spots.) There is no heating, if it is a damp
      day, please wear layers!
      Full payment to be made to reserve your spot, please
      make checks out to Charlene Matthews. If you must
      cancel, please let me know a week ahead for a refund.
      Please also send all communication to my email
      address Binderess@...

      Feb. 2 (Groundhog day!)
      Backing Cloth for binding.
      The first class in this series is geared around
      backing cloth for your personal bookbinding use, and
      to also make some custom cloths for any classes you
      are taking in the future. While we are waiting for
      things to dry, we will make a quick blank `golden
      book' as it is being called. We will back various
      types of cloths, including cotton, silk, velvet, and
      synthetics, using an adjusted Japanese method, not the
      iron on stuff. Plus, experimenting on the Kwikprint
      with foiling types of cloth, and discussions on ink
      jetting and silk-screening cloth. Bring your own
      cloth, or use what I supply. Busy day.

      Feb. 16
      Basic Box Making.
      In the morning we will make a basic phase box
      (protective shelf box) for a small book you will bring
      with you. The afternoon will be dedicated to clam
      shells (drop spine) with magnetic closures. The goal
      is to make a lot of boxes, to familiarize ones self
      with box structure measurements. Shadow box
      construction will be mentioned.

      March 1
      Small Leather covered boxes. Into into leather for
      Pre-requisite is the box making class. First we will
      make a slipcase and line the outer fore-edge in
      leather. Second we will make a small-hinged box
      covered in leather and do some basic leather on-lay on
      the cover. You will be using the scharfix, bring a
      paring knife (and scharfix) if you have one. This is
      not a class on keeping your knives sharp, but you will
      be thinking about knives and razor blades from this
      moment onward. Basic on-lay and in-lay will be

      March 15
      Single sheet cased binding.
      A repeat of last session, but I have some new tricks
      up my sleeve. Various sewing methods for single sheet
      binding will be toyed with, and then we will make the
      cases. This is a basic bookbinding class that rocks.

      March 22
      Restoration 1

      March 29
      Beginning Fine Binding.
      We will sew signatures on cords, round the books and
      attach the cords onto the boards. Various backing
      methods will be demonstrated. You will be paring
      leather on the scharfix and backing your book with
      leather, and covering the boards with paper. I want
      to do some basic book block edge treatments too. Hand
      sewn headbands will be done in a future class. This
      class is the tip of the iceberg and will be continued.
      Very busy day.

      April 5
      Restoration 2

      April 19
      Books with Strange Holes in them.
      We will be cutting various types of holes with a die
      cutting machine in thin board, and binding them
      (hinged) in a photo album style. Richard the Fab
      Assistant, has purchased this die cutting device for
      the bindery and proceeds of this class are going
      towards the purchase and buying some additional cool
      custom dies that we feel are needed. This class is
      the one that can go many directionsÂ…AND anyone who
      takes this class will be able to use this die cutting
      machine in the future for their own projects.

      May 3
      Shadow boxes for bookbinders.
      I have NO idea what we will be doing, but it sure is
      going to be fun. Bring your own box, or trust in the
      one I will supply. Bring lots of weird stuff you have
      been collecting based on one obsession. More info
      on this class closer to the date.

      Reminder: Please contact Charlene at the email address or phone
      numbers given; I am just posting this course schedule for her!
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