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  • lifsart
    ART CLINIC UPDATE of CLASSES for MAY 2007: A few changes in our schedule: May 12 Metal clay class has been cancelled due to the Artists Guild of Santa Ynez
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2007

      A few changes in our schedule:

      May 12 Metal clay class has been cancelled due to the Artists Guild of
      Santa Ynez Valley Student Show Reception 3 - 5 PM at
      GALLERY LOS OLIVOS on Grand Ave in Los Olivos, CA

      May 19, 2007 Metal Clay class, Saturday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, join the
      fun and magic of working with Metal Clay*. Call Carol right away so she
      can order materials. Bring your lunch and drink. Cost: $100.00 which
      includes cost of Metal Clay.
      Open Studio available for individuals who have attended her introductory
      class for Metal Clay. The studio cost is $25.00 plus the cost of the
      silver clay. Beads and findings will be available for you to complete a
      necklace, bracelet or earrings at an additional cost.

      Sunday, May 20, 9 - 4 Altered Book workshop. This is our most popular
      class. In this jammed pack class we will show you several book altering
      and transfer techniques while you learn some color theory and journaling
      tips. You just need to bring your scissors and have lunch break plans.
      All other materials provided. Fee $85. If you are a returning student
      and don't need supplies. Fee $70.

      Saturday, May 26, 9-4 Felting basic will be taught by Guest artist,
      Barbara Carr. In this workshop you will learn the basics of felting by
      making a piece of flat felt, using colorful merino wool fiber, water and
      soap. You will be able to embellish your flat piece using silk and
      "prefelts". No knitting required (or allowed).
      All supplies provided with a break for lunch $60.

      Sunday May 27, 1 to 5 You can join Carol and Syd at their workshop for
      the ground breaking ceremony of the Lompoc Theater. It is the theater's
      80th birthday also.

      *Metal Clay is 99.9% Pure Fine Silver which has been finely ground and
      mixed with an organic binder which produces a clay-like material. When
      fired, the binder burns away and the silver solidifies. This clay can be
      sculpted, carved, stamped, cast, virtually manipulated anyway that you
      can work traditional clay. If you have a desire to create beautiful
      pieces in silver without the need for a silversmith's tools or

      Carol at 805-588-0876 E-mail: <mailto:lifsart@...>
      Blog: <http://www.lifsart.blogspot.com>
      http://www.lifsart.blogspot.com or
      Syd at 805-680-8713.
      E-mail: <mailto:floozy@...> floozy@... blog:
      <http://sheepfloozy.blogspot.com> http://sheepfloozy.blogspot.com .

      Art Clinic BLOG http://www.artclinic.blogspot.com
      Art for Sale http://www.lifsart.etsy.com/
      Face-a-Day BLOG http://www.faceaday.blogspot.com/
      Carol K Originals Gallery http://www.lifsart.blogspot.com/

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      Subject: [bookartsconnection] Workshop at University of California
      Channel Islands - artist ROBERT DANCIK

      some of you might be interested in attending this. I've signed up. Look
      on his
      website for great images of his work. http://www.robertda
      <http://www.robertdancik.com> ncik.com
      He gives workshops at Art & Soul in Portland and it fills up fast so I'm
      thrilled to attend
      one in my own backyard. Here's the information from Sylvia Torres:
      Class descriptiion:

      Forming Lasting and Meaningful Attachments -- Robert Dancik
      The scene: you have a glass marble, a vintage photo of a race car, a
      piece of fired PMC formed from a silicone mold you made of a Monopoly
      piece, a broken bicycle tail light and a carnelian cabochon. All these
      need to be combined with sterling silver to form a bracelet and of
      course, be as durable as possible. You could just hang them from a
      chain however, you also want to ensure that the materials and the
      manner in which they are combined forward the idea you want to express
      in the piece. In this very useful and extensive workshop participants
      will explore ways of attaching almost anything to almost anything else
      and enhance the message in your work in the process. We will delve
      into a broad spectrum of materials including epoxies, concrete,polymer
      clays, Faux Bone and paper pulp mache as well as a full range of cold
      connections to use in tandem with these materials. Though these may
      seem familiar, we will use them in very different ways to build a
      matrix of material, process, and procedure, allowing a much greater
      freedom of expression.All the techniques, materials, and processes can
      be used in conjunction with traditional metalworking, as well as the
      various types of metal clay. This is a very practical workshop with
      applications to book artists, sculptors, and jewelers alike.

      Hi all:
      It looks like we have a workshop! It's going to be
      Monday, May 14th, 10a-5p at SCIART. Because we are closed on Monday,
      we will be doing the workshop in one of the galleries.
      So... to be officially signed up, please send me your check for $60
      (payable to Sylvia Torres as I will be cashing and sending him one
      check) which covers the instructor fee, and locks in the class. Please
      email me your confirmation and let me know you mailed your check or
      will drop off at SCIART. Mail: Sylvia Torres, PO Box 1028, Camarillo,
      CA 93011).
      I am working out the details of the other expenses with the
      instructor. I will let you know. I don't expect this to be more than a
      total of $125 (includes the original $60). The really great thing is
      that we are piggy-backing on to a trip to CA so there's no flight
      expense. Robert Dancik, the instructor, is from CT.

      He said the workshop could be 16-20 people depending on our space
      (which we have plenty of). It will be 1st come, first signed up.The
      morning would be
      demonstration and the afternoon would be
      hands-on. He will go over Faux Bone (hope you all saw his website:
      http://www.robertda <http://www.robertdancik.com> ncik.com (click on
      I am expecting him to send a list of supplies to bring and will notify
      you asap. He's also sending a list of equipment he will need. I may be
      sending another email if there's items I don't personally have.
      Thank you for catching my enthusiasm. I think it's a great
      opportunity, and will be a really great workshop.
      Cell: 805-236-2020

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