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  • Jill Littlewood
    International Gallerie magazine is a gorgeous, beautifully printed large format magazine that comes from Bombay. The current issue is devoted to Celebrating
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2006
      International Gallerie magazine is a gorgeous, beautifully printed
      large format magazine that comes from Bombay. The current issue is
      devoted to "Celebrating Books." (When I read the editor's notes , it reminded
      me of the book I just finished, Sixpence House, by Paul Collins. It is a lovely
      read - all about his adventures in the town of Hay-On-Wye, in Wales, a town
      that has 1,500 inhabitants and forty bookstores.

      Vol. 9 No. 1. 2006. ISSN No. 0973-2314


      The institutions below subscribe to it, in case you are near one of them:

      Freer & Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution
      Library of Congress
      Harvard University
      Bard College
      Boston University
      The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
      The Asia Society, New York City
      The New York Public Library
      The Metropolitan Museum of Art
      MOMA, New York City
      MOMA, San Francisco


      pictures of libraries: http://www.renaissancelibrary.com/index.htm


      The Artist Book News will come out twice a year. First one at the same
      time as the Artist Book Show (April /May), this issue is limited to
      those artist in the show and gets distributed to all the librarians
      attending ARLIS (art librarians conference). The second, the fall
      issue, is designed to reminded the librarians about the artists and to
      reach librarians who didn't attend ARLIS. With the start of a new
      budget year this is a prime time to get exposure. You can see and
      download the first newsletter at:

      The Artist Book Shows (I'm looking for a better name) that I produce
      are once a year and at the same time and place, but not affiliated,
      with the ARLIS conference. ARLIS is a large organization of art
      librarians from all over North America. They have yearly conferences in
      different places each year near the end of April.

      Subject: Re: selling e-books on-line
      > Jessica
      > I have been selling ebooks (pdfs) at my makingbooks.com website for
      > about 2 years. Buyers pay through Paypal which is very easy to set
      > up and takes a very modest fee. I have it set up that after payment a
      > window comes up with instructions for downloading-and a Download Now
      > button so most sales go through without any effort on my part. The
      > negative to the way I have it set up- payment leads to a download
      > window- is that I can't have a shopping cart which makes it harder
      > for people to buy multiple items.
      > Paypal sends me a separate notification after each sale and I have my
      > mail set up to automatically respond with a message thanking the
      > buyer for the purchase and saying that if they had any problem with
      > the download, let me know and I will email them the book. I would say
      > this happens maybe one in every 20-25 sales. Sometimes people will
      > have trouble losing the file or not being able to open it and it may
      > take a few emails back and forth to settle it. This all used to make
      > me very nervous in the beginning but now I take it in stride. Most
      > people are very pleasant and a few are somewhat hostile (I paid and I
      > don't have my book and what are you going to do about).
      > I used Clickbank in the beginning and I don't remember exactly why I
      > made the switch. I think they were a little more expensive and they
      > did require an upfront fee which paypal does not. Other than that, it
      > all worked the same way. I also think Paypal is good because it is so
      > widely used because of ebay so people are comfortable with it. I also
      > have an order form on the website that can be printed out and mailed
      > to me for people who are not comfortable with online transactions. I
      > don't get a lot of these but there are people who still prefer to pay
      > the old fashioned way. I then email them the books when I get the order.
      > I hope this is helpful. If you have any more specific questions and
      > want to contact me off list, please do. And you can see the website
      > at http://www.makingbooks.com/bookstore.html
      > Good luck.
      > in good spirit
      > Susan

      Subject: Fall calendar for the San Francisco Center for the Book
      > The workshop and event schedule for September through December at the San
      > Francisco Center for the Book is now online at
      > <http://www.sfcb.org/php/calendar.php?month=8&year=2006>. You can browse
      > our pictorial class calendar at
      > <http://www.sfcb.org/php/bookpix.php>.
      > You can see the upcoming schedule by class category at
      > <http://www.sfcb.org/php/classes.php>.
      > And a list of our upcoming free events is listed at
      > <http://www.sfcb.org/php/event.php>
      > Register for classes by calling the center at 415 565 0545 or using the
      > registration form at <http://www.sfcb

      Subject: Hungry, the zine, highly recommended

      The concept behind Australian zine Hungry is pretty simple. Born out of a
      cold Melbourne night and a few drinks, the creative team behind the
      low-budget publication decided that each issue will have a different them=
      The illustrators interpret this theme as they wish. But the main focus of
      the zine is to have fun without the confines of a tight brief. It=92s a
      creative and vibrant publication and so very well made. These artists kno=
      how to make use of the website, as well as the pages of this limited edit=
      (250) zine. The theme of #1 (April 2006) is Elements. There is a sewn
      bidning, great drawings, black and white and color and lots of tongue in
      cheek. A button holds the string that winds around the zine. $6.00
      Australian dollars. See their website to order.

      The second issue of the highly creative illustration-based Australian zin=
      Hungry, is out now and it looks hot. Assembled and hand-drawn by its six
      Melbourne-based creators, this issue =91rambles through the wilderness of
      their memories and revisits unforgettable songs, people, stories and even=
      from their lives.=92 There is a button "I=92m hungry" on the cover to wea=
      r or
      leave where it is. The theme of "Memory" gravitates throughout the much
      expanded issue. There is even a Memory Game. Vellum cover and sewn bindin=
      again. There is more energy and refinement per page than most zines you h=
      ever seen! You can buy a copy through the Hungry website for AUD$6. If yo=
      collect zines in your collection, this is for you!

      Judith A. Hoffberg
      Umbrella Online

      The website is: www.hungryzine.com.au

      their e-mail is: hungryzine@...


      journal of artists' books
      We are please to announce that pdfs of JAB1 & JAB2 are available - FOR FREE.



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