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Special Hand Papermaking Newsletter

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  • Jill Littlewood
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      Subject: Special Hand Papermaking Newsletter

      > Dear Friends and Subscribers,
      > By now you have probably seen the extraordinary color issue of Hand
      > Papermaking magazine celebrating our twentieth anniversary (check it out
      > at www.handpapermaking.org/LatestIssue.html). An expanded issue of Hand
      > Papermaking Newsletter is also in the works.
      > You or your company can support our non-profit programs, and promote
      > yourself as well, by placing a display ad before the August 15 deadline.
      > You may wish to attract our readership to your product or service, or you
      > may want to endorse Hand Papermaking's mission with a "congratulations"
      > message noting our anniversary (congratulatory ads are tax-deductible). As
      > always, there is no advertising in our magazine, but all newsletter
      > display
      > advertisers will be listed in a special acknowledgment section of the
      > Winter magazine.
      > The October 2006 newsletter will have increased circulation since it will
      > be distributed gratis at our October 28 twentieth-anniversary events. It
      > will also be distributed at these October/November gatherings: The Friends
      > of Dard Hunter, The Guild of BookWorkers, Oak Knoll Fest, and Pyramid
      > Atlantic Book Fair. Some 2000 targeted readers will see your ad, yet the
      > ad cost is the same as our regular newsletters.
      > If you have a designer to produce your ad, please email a pdf file to
      > info@.... Or we can produce artwork for your ad at a small
      > additional cost. First-time advertisers must pay in advance; we will
      > invoice previous advertisers--net 30 days. Checks or money orders in US
      > currency should be made out to Hand Papermaking, Inc. We also accept Visa
      > and MasterCard.
      > Below are the rates for various sizes of ads.
      > Full page (45x57 picas)... 1X rate: $295 ... 4X rate: $235
      > Half page (22x57 or 45x28 picas)... 1X rate: $220 ... 4X rate: $185
      > Quarter page (22x28 or 45x13.5 picas)... 1X rate: $140 ... 4X rate: $110
      > Eighth page (22x13.5 picas)... 1X rate: $75 ... 4X rate: $60
      > Remember, August 15 is the deadline. If you have any questions please
      > don't hesitate to call (800) 821-6604. We look forward to hearing back
      > from you soon.
      > Thank you for supporting Hand Papermaking!
      > Tom Bannister
      > P.S. If you know of papermaking exhibits, classes, or other activities
      > planned after October 1, we are happy to list such notices free of charge.
      > Send all pertinent details to info@....
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      > following link:
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