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  • Jill Littlewood
    Hey all, I ve begun to think about a new body of work for an upcoming solo exhibition at Vespine Gallery in October and would like to ask for your help. If
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2006
      Hey all,

      I've begun to think about a new body of work for an upcoming solo
      exhibition at Vespine Gallery in October and would like to ask for your
      help. If you have some time to ruminate and answer a few questions for
      me, I'd be forever grateful, and of course, you'd go down in the annals
      of history as one who assisted in creation of artwork, a true patron.

      The dictionary defines 'longing' as "to feel a strong desire or craving
      especially for something not likely to be attained" and provides as
      synonyms for the verb form (to long) such words as yearn, hanker,
      thirst, hunger, and pine, and also states that to long for something
      implies a strong desire, a wishing with one's whole heart.

      The questions I've been pondering have to do with longing. What does
      it mean to long for something, for someone? I look around me and
      notice that most of us long for something: a better, stronger, more
      sympathetic America, a different place to live, a different or easier
      time in our lives; some long for a child, others, for another person,
      even others for a certain peace. What happens after a 'longing' is
      achieved? Does the object longed for itself diminish once it has been
      attained? My questions are of course open-ended, but with your help,
      your answers might add to the conversation that has begun in my head
      and with my studiomates. Hopefully, this discussion can continue
      through the artwork.

      Questions follow. Please copy and paste in an email if you wish, or,
      if you choose to be anonymous, you can just mail me your answers to the
      address below. Please elaborate on your answers if you wish, and thank
      you again for your candor, caring, and honesty. Also, if you'd forward
      it to your friends (and their friends and their friends, etc) that
      would only add to the work. thanks.

      How do you define 'longing'?
      What do you long for in your life?
      What is stopping you from pursuing or gaining that or those object(s)
      of longing?
      Is there something that you desired and now have attained?
      What do you think happens when the longing has been satisfied?

      If you have any more thoughts on longing, please don't hesitate to add
      them here or email (or mail) them to me soon. If you could send your
      answers by September 1, that would be great. And, thanks again.

      Jamie Lou Thome
      (still collecting your used, dried tea bags as well).....

      6827 N. Greenview #2
      Chicago IL 60626

      Vespine Gallery and Studios
      1907 South Halsted 1st Floor
      Chicago IL 60608

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