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  • Jill Littlewood
    http://www.castleintheair.biz/main.html ... ** Searching Flickr By Drawing A Sketch
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2006
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      ** Searching Flickr By Drawing A Sketch

      The first thing I have to tell you is that this
      doesn't work very well. The second thing I have to
      tell you that even if it doesn't work very well it
      makes an awesome toy and you should go play with
      it right now. Search Flickr by "drawing" what
      you're looking for with Retrievr
      ( http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/ .)

      When I first heard about this I thought, "Oh wow,
      so I could like draw a picture of the Eiffel Tower
      and it would find me pictures of the Eiffel
      Tower!" No, not quite. It appears that application
      matches large shapes and colors rather than finer
      shapes. It's still cool.

      Retrievr appears to be a flash application. There
      are drawing tools and a color palette available.
      Pick a color, pick a thickness for your drawing
      tool, and sketch out what you're looking for. The
      Flickr thumbnails on the right will refresh with
      pictures that Retrievr thinks matches what you're
      looking for. (Click on the pictures to go straight
      to the Flickr pages.)

      I tried drawing symbols -- corporate symbols,
      question marks, etc -- but wasn't having much luck
      with my matches (though I found some really cool
      pictures.) Then I tried searching for blocks of
      color -- coloring the bottom half of the drawing
      area blue. Retrievr matched a bunch of
      seawater/ocean pictures for me. I then colored
      most of the top half of the drawing area in light
      red (I was going for sunset pictures.) I didn't
      get many sunset pictures, but I did get a lot of
      landscape/horizon pictures -- Retrievr had a good
      general idea of what I was going for. You can go
      too far, though -- adding a stripe of green
      (forest? Curl of a wave?) blew up the search
      results into a hodgepodge.

      Try for large hunks of color and some shapes for
      the best results. You won't be able to find
      electronics schema screenshots with this, but it's
      an awesome way to browse; I found some great


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