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fun things for '06

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Check out this amazing handmade book, using the Roman Alphabet, made by Helen Malone. http://tinyurl.com/acmz5 ... and more from down under
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      Check out this amazing handmade book,
      using the Roman Alphabet, made by Helen Malone.


      and more from down under


      or up in San Fran

      the latest issue of hand papermaking
      fun and interesting
      and for the latest in the continuing controversy about meaning/categorization in book arts:

      Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 07:01:16 -0500
      From: Richard Minsky <minsky@...>
      Subject: Re: Telling of the Book Arts World

      The question of how to present book art categories for the
      international web audience goes beyond the mission of a particular
      institution. Including as many keywords or descriptive terms as
      possible in your listing enables a search, such as Google. Including
      a search form on the page is a good idea. Entering the info in a
      database and having those fields identified, with a multiple field
      search form adds value.

      Some examples of what people are doing:

      The most interesting project specifically for artist's books is
      Johanna Drucker's Artists Books Online:

      Click on "Project Demo" to see how Johanna listed one of her books,
      and to see how a few others did it at a recent workgroup, go to

      This project is still in its formative stages, and the data entry
      interface still has to be developed, but it is the most promising
      effort specific to this field.

      Outside of Artist's Books, but still within Book Art, is the
      Publishers' Bindings Online site, a joint project of the University
      of Alabama and the U. of Wisconsin. This has a detailed set of
      parameters, a single keyword search function, a multiple field search
      function, a set of curated online exhibitions by category, and other features.

      The Center for Book Arts uses a set of relational databases in its
      Exhibition Archive that brings up all the exhibitions an artist was
      in if you click an artist's name, as well as all the works exhibited,
      clicking an exhibition title brings up all the works in that
      exhibition, and a link to a scanned copy of the catalog ig that is
      available online. This enable you to read the curator's introduction
      to the exhibition, artists' statements, etc. Other information on the
      site works the same way. A website search form is included for those
      who have particular search terms. An examples is at:

      Click on "view the exhibition catalog." You can read the entire
      catalog online, cover to cover. Click a thumbnail image to see that
      page of the catalog, or click a artist's name to see what other
      exhibitions they have been in, and what work was exhibited.

      You also can click on "return to the list of exhibitions" at the top
      of the catalog page to see over 100 listings of shows the Center has
      mounted during the last 31 years. This is an ongoing project, and in
      the future we intend to locate images of all the artworks that have
      been exhibited, and add a "curate your own online exhibition"
      feature. This project needs funding, so please donate all your
      available cash to it! The Center can also accept donations of
      securities. Click on the thermometer today for a 2005 tax deduction.

      These three models provide a good beginning for how to address the
      issues that arose in this thread, and perhaps a synthesis of these
      approaches will develop in the future.


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