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  • Jill Littlewood
    Ampersand is the quarterly journal of the Pacific Center for the Book Arts (PCBA). It has articles about all aspects of the book arts, from historical
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2005
      "Ampersand" is the quarterly journal of the Pacific Center for the Book
      Arts (PCBA). It has articles about all aspects of the book arts, from
      historical commentary to profiles of working artists to practical how-to
      tutorials. The informative articles are generously illustrated with
      photographs. Back issues are available for $15 (includes shipping, CA
      residents add tax). Information about back issues and ordering is available
      at http://www.greenchairpress.com/amp.cgi

      The Fall 2005 issue is now available. In this issue:

      Profile / Bea Nettles
      Over the last 35 years, Bea Nettles has built a successful career as a fine
      art photographer and book artist by quietly breaking the rules and feeling
      her own way forward. Debbie Kogan reviews her career.

      Around the Bay / Cowell Press
      Gregory Graalfs discusses the unique legacy of the Cowell Press at UC Santa
      Cruz on book arts in the Bay Area

      Collaborations / Staying Limber
      Macy Chadwick talks about her playful long-distance collaborations with
      Lisa Hasegawa

      Reader's Notebook / Judging a photobook by its cover
      Molly Schwartzburg looks at Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava's "The Sweet
      Flypaper of Life"

      Resources / Opportunities in Europe for Book Artists
      Carrie Galbraith's guide includes exhibitions, book fairs, collections,
      residencies, schools, and more

      Doing Business / On the Web
      Tips for a successful website to promote your book arts business

      Techniques / Gocco Etching
      Nicholas Yeager explains how to use a Gocco printer to etch images in metal

      Appreciation / Gaza Bowen
      Friends remember the Santa Cruz book artist, who was known for her shoe
      sculptures as well as her bookworks

      End Note
      Susan Angebranndt comments on a book arts exhibit at the Getty Center in
      Los Angeles

      animated alphabet evolution It's a really nice animation of the
      evolution of the Latin alphabet, from c. 900 BC to the Middle Ages.
      Make sure you maximize your browser screen and hit refresh is you have

      IAMPETH's webmaster James I. has
      compiled a page with
      direct links to free online lessons/videos, rare
      books and exemplars
      for everything from pointed pen script to broad
      pen lettering at:

      The learn more about IAMPETH please visit:

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