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book art show proposal

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  • monguio
    I am in the process of proposing a show of book art at the Artist Union Gallery in Ventura, California. It would help the gallery committee to make a decision
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 20, 2005
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      I am in the process of proposing a show of book art at the Artist Union Gallery in Ventura, California. It would help the gallery committee to make a decision if I can include pictures. They seem to be most aware of smaller work in codex and accordion, and their variations. I would like to show them larger works, architectural forms, and so on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Ines Monguio

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    • Pam Maines
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      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 21, 2005
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        >Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center Features New Exhibition
        >Sept. 30- Oct. 29
        >Opening Reception Sept. 30 at 7 p.m.
        >Manhattan Beach, CA--- The Cultural Arts Division of the Manhattan
        >Beach Parks & Recreation Department will present a new exhibition
        >titled, Booked Up, Boxed In & Papered Over, featuring art books,
        >paper purses, pop-up designs, decorative paper, photo albums,
        >journals, and sculptural boxes, from Sept. 30-Oct. 29 at the
        >Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center (CAC), 1560 Manhattan Beach
        >Blvd. Gallery hours are Tuesday & Thursday 2-6 p.m., Wednesday 2-8
        >p.m., and Saturday 1-5 p.m. Admission is free. An opening
        >reception with the artists will be held on Friday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m.
        >The exhibition will feature six South Bay artists: Betz Salmont,
        >Trish Lange, Judy Schuster, Pam Weber, Sue Poindexter, and Charlotte
        >Marshall. The artists are all members of a Manhattan Beach "studio"
        >group (called the "Bookies") which meets once a month to create,
        >teach, and learn various one-of-a-kind art book, paper, and box
        >projects. The show will feature a sampling of their most
        >interesting and unique creations from the past 10 years. A series
        >of workshops taught by the artists is also planned during the
        >According to gallery curator Megumi Sando, "Considering the artistic
        >credits the members of this group have, you shouldn't be surprised
        >by the beautifully creative pieces amassed in this exhibit."
        >The title is a double (or triple) entendre. It refers in general to
        >our busy everyday lives; it refers to the artists' in the exhibit
        >who are professionally employed in other artistic endeavors yet
        >searching for other mediums in which to release their creative
        >talents; and it refers to the objects in this exhibit---stunningly
        >decorative and creative boxes, books and papers, some of which are
        >almost sculptural in form.
        >The words---boxes, books and papers---don't justly describe what the
        >artists have created. The containers are like none other you've
        >seen before taking on amazing shapes and uses, and decorated in
        >unique ways with some very fascinating materials. Some are much
        >larger than you might expect, some allow viewer interaction and some
        >may actually be touched which is uncommon in most exhibitions of
        >this type.
        >You will want to judge these books and boxes by their covers because
        >that's what most of them are all about. But don't stop there
        >because the insides have some surprising contents to reveal as well.
        >Some have words, but others use folds, images, shapes and colors,
        >and pop-up designs to tell their stories.
        >"Bookbinding once was a relatively obscure craft, applied mainly to
        >exquisite, limited editions of classic writings. In recent years
        >book making has burst into the mainstream with some new and exciting
        >approaches. No longer are handmade books limited to the volumes you
        >might find in a private library; now they include photo albums,
        >journals, guest registers, and scrap books that complement anyone's
        >home and lifestyle," notes author and artist Shereen La Plantz in
        >her book on the subject, Cover to Cover.
        >"When we think of a book or box, most of us visualize an object that
        >sits on a library shelf or something used for shipping or storing
        >items," notes Sando. "But the range is much greater than that."
        >Books and boxes vary widely in size, from miniatures to large
        >notebooks or containers. They can have vastly different shapes and
        >styles also. While a familiar library-style book has rectangular
        >pages made of single sheets all bound together along one side, other
        >books have pages cut or folded into unusual shapes. Some books have
        >several accordion folds that allow the pages to expand or radiate
        >outward. Some boxes have pointed lids and stand on legs.
        >Similarly, how do we define a page? If a page is something that has
        >information or imagery on it, then is a computer disk a page? A
        >page made of paper can be folded to make an interesting shape or to
        >cover the message it carries. Bags or envelopes also can be pages.
        >"The "Bookies" have pondered these and many other questions and
        >created some truly special pieces as a result," Sando continues.
        >Books and boxes have become art objects that have been taken to
        >higher levels.
        >The papers in this exhibit have been transformed from plain pieces
        >into colorful artistic specimens created by using grocery bags,
        >tissue paper, paints, dyes, combs, packing materials, toothbrushes
        >and a myriad of other materials. For instance, paper towels used
        >for sopping up paints and dyes have been recycled into fascinating
        >book covers.
        >Milk cartons have been turned into beautiful cranes. Empty toilet
        >paper rolls have been transformed into stylish evening bags. So
        >have cardboard boxes. Pieces of cardboard have also been configured
        >into treasure boxes of all shapes and sizes. Grocery bags have been
        >recycled into decorative papers which are then used to cover boxes
        >or books. Photographs have been morphed into three-dimensional
        >images. Hot glue has been made to look like metal taking on
        >mysterious and elegant nuances. There is seemingly no end to what
        >these artists can turn into a box, book or piece of paper.
        >This is what the "Bookies" experience is all about. The group was
        >formed by students who met in a mixed-media artist-in-residence
        >class offered by the cultural arts division of the Manhattan Beach
        >parks and recreation department in the mid-nineties. Most of them
        >are entrepreneurs in various creative businesses who decided to
        >continue exploring some of the paper arts techniques they had been
        >introduced to in this class. Exploration, experimentation, and
        >imagination provide the guidelines for this group. They meet once a
        >month to "play" at one member's Manhattan Beach studio, taking turns
        >teaching new projects which they have either invented or adapted
        >from something that has inspired them. The only parameter is that
        >the project be book, box or paper related. Sometimes the projects
        >can be completed in an hour or two, and other times they might take
        >several days or sessions to complete.
        >This creative "play" has resulted in a storehouse of imaginative
        >one-of-a-kind special books, boxes and papers that are being shared
        >with the public for the first time in this exhibition. The
        >"Bookies" are also offering workshops in conjunction with the
        >exhibit in which participants can learn to make books, pop up cards,
        >decorative papers and purses.
        >For further information contact Megumi Sando at 310-802-5443 or via
        >e-mail at <mailto:msando@...>msando@... . Digital
        >photos of some of the works are available.


        Pam Maines

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      • Sara Norquay
        Greetings artist friends! No experience necessary for this non-toxic course. All materials provided and it is very easy to do. Safe Printmaking with
        Message 3 of 4 , Sep 22, 2005
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          Greetings artist friends!

          No experience necessary for this non-toxic course. All materials provided
          and it is very easy to do.

          "Safe Printmaking with Solarplate" begins this coming Saturday, September 24
          at 12:30 Sharp. $40 (material's fee) is payable at enrollment which happens
          within the first 15 minutes of class.

          The Printmaking for Book Arts class scheduled for Friday afternoons did not
          fill, so I am offering a book project for all interested Solarplate Class
          members toward the end of this course. The Safe Printmaking class is 9 weeks
          long (had been 8 weeks in the past) so there is plenty of time.

          Please be prompt. Adult Ed is under the gun from the State to prove that
          their classes are in demand in our community, and will be visiting classes
          frequently to do headcounts. This means a class could be cancelled any time
          there are less than 10 students present. This has not been a problem in Safe
          Printmaking with Solarplate in the past, but we must be vigilant.

          I am back from travels in France and Canada with lots to share. Elaine
          LeVasseur will be in class, by the press, making sure students have all the
          help they need inking plates and getting perfect prints every time.

          Both Jill Littlewood and Ines Monguio have done some significant
          experimenting in this class with fabulous results. Come on and check it out.

          Hope to see you there.

          Sara Norquay
        • Sara Norquay
          Greetings Artists and Friends. In response to the disappointment expressed by the seven people who did come to enroll in my Adult Ed Printmaking for Book
          Message 4 of 4 , Sep 23, 2005
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            Greetings Artists and Friends.

            In response to the disappointment expressed by the seven people who did come
            to enroll in my Adult Ed Printmaking for Book Artists class, I am offering a
            four week class at another location. Please see the flyer pasted below.


            Printmaking for Book Artists
            Four Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 4:30 PM
            September 30 to October 21, 2005

            Live Oak Unitarian Church, 820 North Fairview, Goleta, CA

            Sara Norquay is offering a short course in relief block printing for using
            in beautiful handmade books. A variety of printing techniques will be
            demonstrated along with several different book structures, and some
            approaches to planning content. Students will take home at least one
            completed book.

            Course fee: $85.00, materials fee: $15.00. Paper, ink, relief blocks and
            special tools will be supplied. Class size will be limited. Need 6
            participants for the class to go.

            It is suggested that students bring some basic tools to facilitate work. We
            will be sharing cutters , brayers, etc.
            Basic tools: pair of scissors, glue stick, 12 inch ruler, pencil, black
            Sharpie, sketchbook or notebook.

            For signing up or for more information call: 967-9650 or email:

            Cut along this line.

            Name:_________________________ Phone Number: _________________________

            Email: ____________________________________________________


            My check is enclosed for ________________________ I will pay at first
            class: ________

            Please mail checks, payable to Sara Norquay, to:
            6210 Westmorland Place, Goleta, CA 93117
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