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Disbound and Dispersed

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    DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL REPLY FUNCTION TO RESPOND TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. PLEASE RESPOND TO orders@oakknoll.com Announcing the first published book about the
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      PLEASE RESPOND TO orders@...

      Announcing the first published book about the fascinating topic of

      Leaf Books

      Oak Knoll is proud to be distributing a new book published by the Caxton
      Club of Chicago entitled, "Disbound and Dispersed: The Leaf Book
      Considered." This book examines in detail the bibliophilic phenomenon known
      as the Leaf Book. Click the following link to read more about this book (if
      you cannot click the link, please copy and paste it into you Internet
      browser address bar):


      We also have a very impressive stock of all kinds of leaf books, for which
      we have created an online catalogue. Click the following link to see these




      This is the first in-depth examination of this bibliophilic phenomenon. A
      leaf book is a book that contains an original leaf from an imperfect copy of
      an historic book bound with an essay about the significance of the historic
      book. As such they provide a unique medium for both learning the history of
      books while providing the opportunity to inspect (or own) a specimen of the

      In this book, which accompanies a traveling exhibition of the same title,
      the noted scholar Christopher de Hamel (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
      University) provides an entertaining overview of this fascinating, if
      arcane, chapter in the history of books. Joel Silver (Lilly Library, Indiana
      University) focuses on 46 examples from some of the great rare-book
      libraries in the United States, as well as from outstanding private
      collections. The leaf specimens range from the Middle Ages to the modern
      era; from Europe, the American colonies, and Mexico, to Hawaii and the Far
      Like a detective, Daniel Mosser (Virginia Tech) pieces together the story of
      the Caxton Club of Chicago's 1905 leaf book, which involved breaking up an
      incomplete copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the first book printed in
      England, by William Caxton. In tracing the history of this leaf book, Mosser
      illuminates the consequences for scholarship resulting from the
      "cannibalizing" of old books to make "complete" volumes and the breaking up
      of these to make leaf books. This process raises a number of historical,
      ethical, and legal issues, which attorney and leaf-book collector Michael
      Thompson examines here.

      The book concludes with a checklist of 242 leaf books, as many as are
      currently known to the compiler, John Chalmers, based on previous
      bibliographies and new research. Indexed. Contains 41 images, many in color.
      Distributed for the Caxton Club by Oak Knoll Press.

      2005, hardcover, 8.25 x 10.5 inches, 160 pages

      ISBN 1584561610 Order No. 079481 Price: $45.00

      Click here: <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=79481>

      We hope you find something of interest.

      Best wishes,

      Your Oak Knollers

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