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  • Jill Littlewood
    Call for Papers & Workshops The American Printing History Association welcomes proposals in three areas for its 2005 annual conference, [r]Evolution in Print:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2005
      Call for Papers & Workshops

      The American Printing History Association welcomes proposals in three
      areas for its 2005 annual conference, [r]Evolution in Print: New Work in
      Printing History & Practice. The conference will be held in the San
      Francisco Bay Area on September 22-23, 2005; the main proceedings will
      take place on Friday, September 22, at Mills College in Oakland. Geoffrey
      Nunberg, Stanford University linguist and Fresh Air commentator, will
      deliver the keynote address. Full conference details will be available at
      the American Printing History Association website,

      Papers. Papers are encouraged on a broad range of subjects relating to the
      history of printing, in America and elsewhere across the world. Topics of
      interest might include the current letterpress revival; the history of
      typography and graphic design; printing along the Pacific Rim; histories
      of comics, zines, graphic novels and street literature; contemporary
      commercial print technologies; the end of ink on paper?; radical printing
      and the counterculture; and of course any new work in printing history.
      Papers will be 20 minutes in length, with groups of three papers forming a
      panel. Questions will be welcomed from the audience once the papers have
      been delivered. Proposals for a panel of papers are welcome; please
      contact the Program Chair for guidelines. All proposals should list
      specific equipment needs such as slide and digital projectors, monitors,

      Workshops. Workshop and demonstration possibilities include techniques for
      photopolymer, digital applications for use with paper and cuts,
      traditional tooling for bookbinding, and other traditional and
      experimental studio techniques. Workshops and demonstrations will be from
      1 to 2 hours in length qyand should not rely on the use of printing
      presses or other major equipment. However, specific equipment needs or
      requests should be outlined in the proposal, including the use of computer
      technologies, polymer platemaker, small binding equipment and the like.
      The conference will offer a materials preparation fee of up to $200. for
      these workshops. Student assistance will be available at the conference.

      Panels. Proposals are welcome for an informal moderated general
      interest panel of from one to one-and-a-half hours. This format would
      consist of a small number (3-5) members plus a moderator. Topics might
      include strategies for incorporating printing history into a range of
      academic and studio curriculums; informal discussions of topics such as
      the history of radical printing in the Bay Area; or a discussion about
      the current state and future potential of printing technology and its
      impact on print. Panels will be expected to encourage significant
      audience discussion. Please note that this is a less structured format
      than the panels of papers mentioned above under Papers.

      Proposals, which should include the title of the presentation and contact
      information, should not exceed one page. Please include a short
      biographical statement with your submission.

      All presenters must have current APHA membership at the time of conference

      March 15, 2005: Contact Program Chair with ideas for informal moderated
      April 15, 2005: Paper and workshop proposals due.

      Program announcements are expected around May 31, 2005.

      Electronic (preferred) or hard copy submissions will be accepted. Email
      proposals (Word document file or text) to apha2005@.... Mail
      proposals to Kathleen Walkup, Book Arts, 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland CA
      94613; fax if necessary to 510 430 3314 with a cover sheet.

      Apart from its conference, APHA supports research and scholarship through
      its journal Printing History, publications, an oral history project, and a
      fellowship program. The association, founded in 1974, encourages the
      preservation of printing artifacts and source materials for printing

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