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two book shows open for submissions

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Book exhibition - entry details Type of book: any type of book design including altered books / artist books / 3D books Theme: Meeting in the Middle* (for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2005
      Book exhibition - entry details

      Type of book: any type of book design including 'altered' books /
      'artist'books / 3D books
      Theme: Meeting in the Middle*
      (for more info - check out
      Size: 15cm x 21cm (6inches x 8inches approx) or smaller
      Media: any media can be used - the more experimental the better!
      Final submission date: 31st March 2005
      Organisers: Emma Powell and Melanie Bush
      Send in address and venue: University College Northampton Gallery,
      St.George's Ave, Northampton, NN2 6JD, UK.
      Exhibition dates: 3rd May 2005 - 19th May 2005
      Private view: to be announced via email

      Important info
      * all entries to be specified size (or smaller)
      * all entries to be based on the theme - Meeting in the Middle
      * all entrants will be contacted via email so please make sure we
      have your current email address
      * all entries need to clearly contain all contact details (name,
      address, email)
      * entries will be recorded digitally and displayed at
      * submission of work entitles the organisers to use images of the
      work in publicity / related research
      * this is a 'not for profit' exhibition with no funding - run by 2
      designer-bookmakers from 2 academic institutions in the UK (UCN &
      * all entries will be archived and held at UCN unless clearly
      labelled and accompanied by a stamped address envelope with
      sufficient return postage / or return courier pre-paid label.
      * all entries are submitted at the artist's own risk - whilst all due
      care will be taken with the work the organisers are not responsible
      for any loses due to the postal service.

      Please email the organisers if you have any queries


      ******* ******
      If you'd like to play,
      ******* ******
      here's another game.
      ******* ******
      Find some old fat tie,
      ******* ******
      C R E A T E
      ******* ******
      As always,
      ******* ******
      use your best
      ******* ******
      artistic skills.
      ******* ******
      C O L L A G E
      ******* ******
      F A B R I C
      ******* ******
      S T A M P
      ******* ******
      S T I T C H
      ******* ******Ê
      Q U I L T
      ******* ******
      GÊ LÊ UÊ E
      ******* ******
      TÊ IÊ TÊ LÊ E
      ******* ******
      P A I N T
      ******* ******
      SÊ IÊ GÊ N
      ******* ******
      S E N D
      ******* ****

      ** Alice Simpson~ 275 West 96th Street~8AÊ New York,
      New York 10025**
      Ties will be returned if you include a SASE.
      Deadline, January 31, 2005.

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