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New online bookbindings exhibition features close-up magnifier

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  • Jill Littlewood
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      > New online bookbindings exhibition features close-up magnifier
      > PRINCETON, N.J. -- A new online exhibition will allow viewers to closely
      > examine historic bookbindings from the Department of Rare Books and
      > Collections at Firestone Library.
      > "Hand Bookbindings From Special Collections in the Princeton University
      > Library: Plain and Simple to Grand and Glorious" includes more than 200
      > books. Two major themes are illustrated. First, many of the books offer
      > examples of the elements that make up a book's binding, such as sewing,
      > endleaves, cover attachment, clasps and tooling. Readers learn not only
      > these elements are but also see specimens dating from different eras and
      > locales. Second, numerous examples highlight historic national technical
      > styles and "bespoke" bindings for famous collectors, as well as specialty
      > styles such as those with fully silk-embroidered covers. Examples date
      > as early as the 12th century and come down to the end of the 20th. The
      > entire show is arranged in virtual cases, represented by 26 thumbnail
      > on the Web site's opening page.
      > Clicking on a thumbnail leads the reader to a page showing vivid, colorful
      > images of each book, together with descriptive notes. Another click on an
      > image leads to a full-page enlargement of the binding that can be examined
      > in greater detail, thanks to a digital close-up magnifier. The reader can
      > move the magnifier as well as change the size of the area under
      > magnification. With magnification, details otherwise little noticed, such
      > a binder's name stamped into the leather or the stitching of silver
      > become visible.
      > Scott Husby, Firestone Library's chief rare book conservator, organized
      > show for two reasons. When he came to Princeton in 1997, he was astonished
      > not only by the size of the library's collections, which had been built
      > two centuries, but also the amazing range of historic bindings from
      > the Americas, the Middle East and ancient China. Every book posed
      > not only about how to restore it but also about its place in the long
      > history of bookbinding. The show records what Husby learned and
      > for the first time in many years the extraordinary scope of Princeton's
      > holdings.
      > The online show follows an exhibition of hand bookbindings that ran in
      > Firestone Library's main gallery from November 2002 through April 2003. To
      > view the online exhibition, visit
      > http://www.princeton.edu/rbsc/exhibitions/online.html and click on the
      > for "Hand Bookbindings from Special Collections."
      > For further information, contact the Department of Rare Books and Special
      > Collections at (609) 258 3184 or e-mail rbsc@....
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      > Robert J. Milevski
      > Preservation Librarian, Digital Projects Librarian,
      > & Manager, Typography Studio
      > Princeton University Library
      > One Washington Road
      > Princeton, NJ 08544
      > (609) 258-5591
      > Fax: (609) 258-4105
      > Email: milevski@...
      > Preservation Office website:
      > http://libweb2.Princeton.EDU/preservation/ccu/PO-IntroPage.html
      > http://diglib.princeton.edu/
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