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998B/W negs.

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  • milkyway990
    Jun 30, 2004
      I need to clarify a couple of things regarding my request for
      negatives. I am looking for 35mm black and white negs. of S.B.
      landmarks to make into prints here at home. Some of you know my
      inclusion work which I shared at Jill's. I am wishing to combine
      the two. My photo work is limited to just a few pieces, so there
      isn't a problem with chemistry or cost. I have my own darkroom.
      I've taught photography, the old fashion way, for years. The high
      school program has moved to digital cameras for the second half of
      the term, with the other half working with pin hole, the basics of
      b/w lab work, composition, and photographic history. - Maxine