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  • Jill Littlewood
    Jun 5, 2004
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      Thank you everyone who made the show "Winged Women" such a success. The opening was a party Brecia and I will long remember and the following days allowed us to really talk with friends as they came by. There were many wonderful surprises: Pat Chapman flew in from Santa Fe and I did the double take of the year; a wonderful buddy and former papermaking student came and brought her childhood friend who is the special features editor at Somerset Studio, Linda Blinn. Linda and I have be emailing fast and furiously since the show and are cooking up all kinds of ideas. Brecia had many admirers come from Los Angeles to see her new work. We both feel the intense joy of haveing been seen. We are, after all, visual artists and the greatest gift we give each other is to really look at each others soul/heart/work.

      I had just filled a writing journal as the show was coming up and so I inaugurated an new one the night we closed. I titled it "A Book of Openings" and I sat up late into the night writing down all the things that seemed to be opening to let me in. A week later I am still adding to those pages. Thank you again to everyone who came and encouraged this passage in my life.

      Jill LIttlewood

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