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  • Jill Littlewood
    Jun 3, 2004
      ** Library of Scotland Offers Broadsides From 17th to the 20th Century

      The Library of Scotland has a new online exhibit
      available, a collection of almost 1800 broadsides
      dating from 1650 to 1910. The exhibit, called "The
      Word On the Street" is available now at
      http://www.nls.uk/broadsides/index.html .

      This is truly nifty; you may search by keyword or
      browse by subject, from Accidents to Weavers. I
      chose the "Marvels" category, which has seven
      entries. The entries are listed with a hyperlinked
      headline and a summary of the article ("This
      supernatural report begins: 'Wonder of Wonders, or
      the Speech of a child born near Edinburgh on
      Thursday the 15th of March 1770 as delivered ten
      minutes after it came into the world.'")

      Clicking on the headline brings you commentary on
      the item (apparently talking, prophesying babies
      were very popular in broadsides) an image
      reproduction of the item, and in many cases the
      opportunity to both read a transcript and
      download a PDF facsimile of the item. A keyword
      search for "cooper" found twelve results laid out
      like the category listings.

      In addition to this huge amount of content,
      there's also background on broadsides,
      information on illustrations, and information on
      additional resources. Great, a huge time sink.

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