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890Fwd: Artists' Book Exhibition at Cuesta College - San Luis Obispo, CA - june4 thru 2july'04

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  • Pam Maines
    Jan 19, 2004
      >Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:46:14 -0800
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      >Subject: Artists' Book Exhibition at Cuesta College - San Luis Obispo,
      > CA - june4 thru 2july'04
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      >I'm posting this on behalf of David Prochaska. .......................
      >thanks, Jules Davis
      >Call for Entries
      >Artists' Books Exhibition
      >June 4 - July 2, 2004
      >Cuesta College Art Gallery
      >San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106
      >Just a short introduction to the call for entries for "Artists' Books 2004",
      >my name is David Prochaska; I am an instructor of fine art at Cuesta
      >San Luis Obispo, California. Since 1999 I have organized an annual book arts
      >exhibition, to expose our local community to the community of artists making
      >books. These exhibitions have grown each year, both in the number of books
      >exhibited, as well as the number of enthusiastic visitors to these
      >If you are looking to expose your artist books to a new and enthusiastic
      >audience, then this is the exhibition for you.
      >In these times of fiscal restraints, we are all aware of the limited funding
      >accessible to the arts. At the same time we must, as artists, be aware of
      >the need to build greater exposure to all art forms.
      >For this reason we must continue to ask the artists contributing to these
      >exhibitions to assist in the transportation of their books. (Mailing fees
      >generally cost between $10 to $20 dollars.) With no entry fee or other
      >charges this is a small price to pay to get your books out to the people.
      >If you feel this is an exhibition worthy of your support and participation,
      >we would love to have the opportunity to exhibit and explore your
      >investigation of the book form.
      >This is a hands on exhibition! We want to encourage the visitors to interact
      >with these book forms, so please send books you want people to interact
      >with. We will provide gloves to the visitors to protect the books from any
      >soiling. But again, we really do hope to build a willingness to interact
      >with the books exhibited.
      >The exhibition will display between 80-100 books, so your work will be in
      >good company.
      >To participate in "Artists' Books 2004", please write, call, or e-mail me
      >at -
      >David Prochaska
      >Cuesta College
      >Fine Arts Department
      >San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106
      >Phone- (805)-546-3100ext.2756
      >Email - dprochas@... <mailto:dprochas@...>
      >Thank you for helping bring the books to the people. I look forward to
      >hearing from you.
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      Pam Maines