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814Gratitude Journals

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  • Patrice Baldwin
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Now that it's September, I can talk about my two workshops at Suzi
      Finer's in Beverly Hills. On Friday the 12th at 5:30 I'm doing the
      GRATITUDE JOURNALS WORKSHOP. Here's what we'll be up to:

      Make a "grateful list" - things in your past and present life that you
      are grateful to have or to have had. Friends, places, special things
      you've saved, mementoes of places or happenings... like that. From
      that list bring together photographs, pictures (from magazines etc.),
      mementoes (flat-ish), clippings, drawings, fabrics, poems (yours or
      others'), anything that gives you gratitude for having experienced.

      I'll show you a terrific structure that will handle all these kinds of
      things. When finished it will be filled with things you want to
      remember to cheer you up when you feel a little down... to go to and
      touch your finger on and remember with a smile. It will always be
      there for you like a collection of old friends to reminisce with.

      Bring the usual desktop tools, glues and brushes (NO GLUESTICKS).

      The other one is on Friday the 19th at 5:30. It's POCKET BOOKS... or
      books with pockets in 'em. We'll be doing special accordions with
      pockets all thru and triangular secret pocket structures and envelope
      folded pockets and much more. These are great book forms for travel
      journals and keeping the ephemera of a journey.

      If anyone is interested, call me (805)352-0202 or email me at


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