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813Advertising: Gold Finishing Tools For Sale

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  • Lehmann Bindery
    Aug 24, 2003
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      Please excuse any cross-postings and double postings ­ we¹re having some
      computer problems on our end.

      We are pleased to offer over 160 antique/second-hand gold finishing tools
      for sale. Most are outstanding examples of hand-engraved French or English
      workmanship. Some date back over 200 years. The first 20 of these with a
      fuller description can be found by visiting our web site at:

      The link at the bottom of that page will bring up thumbnails of the first 20
      tools, which can be enlarged by clicking on them. We will be adding more
      tools from this collection in the near future.

      For purchases or more information, we can be contacted by phone at (760)
      758-4142 (US) or by email, lehmann@...

      Frank Lehmann

      Lehmann Bindery
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