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753Fw: World of Washi Newsletter- Summer 2003

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Jul 1 1:07 AM
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      Subject: World of Washi Newsletter- Summer 2003

      > Dear Hiromi Paper.com Subscribers,
      > Thank you for signing up for our e-mail nesletter, it's the best way to
      keep informed about our new products, sales, and events.
      > World of Washi Newsletter Summer 2003, Volume 9 No. 3
      > 2. DISCONTINUED PAPER: Mingei-shi-30% Off
      > 3. NEW ITEMS: Yatsuo, MM-18 Gampi Natural, KM-3-Shikoku Surface Gampi
      White, and more
      > 7. ARTICLE: REMBRANDT AND GAMPI by Bruce Meade
      > --------------------------------
      > Dear Member's Circle: Hello friends, welcome to another edition of the
      World of Washi! Hiromi and Silvia were busy attending annual conferences and
      introducing some new papers and materials, (see bottom of this page for more
      information). As always we received a very positive response as well as
      information necessary for us to determine which items to continue stocking
      and which to discontinue, which brings us to...
      > Our quest to provide the best quality papers from Japan continues. Hence,
      we have replaced Mingei shi with Yatsuo papers. For those of you that use
      Mingei-shi papers on a regular basis, we do have stock left, and are
      offering them at a substantial discount: 30% Off. Place your orders soon as
      supply is limited.
      > 3. NEW ITEMS
      > Yatsuo is a superior paper that is available in a large range of colors.
      We are stocking 24 colors plus white and natural. This paper is ideal for
      printmaking, bookbinding, collage, and other techniques. It is also more
      fade resistant and economical at $4.25 per sheet. Log on to our website to
      view range of colors that are available.
      > MM-18 Gampi Natural is now available in a 25" x 38" sheet ($11.00) and 38"
      x 10 yard roll ($158.00). We still stock the 38" x 74", at $32.00 per sheet.
      This gampi paper is suitable for conservation and other printmaking and chin
      colle uses.
      > KM-3-Shikoku Surface Gampi White paper is an interesting paper machine
      made with two surfaces. The bottom surface is kozo while the top is gampi.
      It is ideal for digital printing, etching, woodblock, drawing, painting, and
      many other techniques. The sheet is $8.20.
      > Water Brushes- We introduced this new item at the recent AIC Convention in
      Arlington and it was received with great enthusiasm. This is a great way to
      cut hinges as the brush has a container for water. You can take it with you
      where ever you go. Great for watercolor painting, sumi brush painting, and
      calligraphy. Comes in three tip sizes: Small, Medium and Flat.
      > Natural Dyed Paper- A beautiful handmade paper created from 100% kozo
      grown in Nara Prefecture. It is dyed by traditional technique, using only
      the finest natural materials, insuring subtle color tones that are fade
      resistant. Natural dyes include: Light Cherry, Yellow Mimosa, Herb Green,
      Baby blue Indigo, and Akebi Grey. Size is 12.6" x 18", $10.00 per sheet.
      Samples available upon request.
      > HPCR-CO Our very popular Haini roll has just been produced with a natural
      ochre color tone making it ideal for use with aged documents. pH 7.3, 5g/m2.
      Made in Kashi Mill, Kochi Prefecture, using only the highest quality kozo.
      This roll is made under special commission by the renowned Tokyo Restoration
      Conservation Center (TRCC), and is available exclusively through H.P.I. in
      the U.S. 39" x 62m $350.00, 39" x 5m $43.00. Samples available upon request.
      > We have found a new source for Kozo Black Bark- $34.00 for 1 kilogram
      (natural fiber) and Neri- $5.00 for 50g (paper making agent) and are able to
      reduce the prices.
      > Kitakata Roll- we are overstocked on Kitakata rolls and are offering them
      at 50% discount. While supplies last $40.00 per roll.
      > MM-18 Gampi Natural- Large sheet 38" x 74", at new price $32.00 per sheet.
      > DHM-11 Three times thick Kozo with sizing. Great for all multimedia uses.
      Made from Kozo and Pulp Mix. 47" x 106" White in tone. $87.00 per sheet. We
      have a very limited supply on hand of perfect ones. We also have several
      that are slightly damaged for $50.00 each. Please call us for more
      > SGC-2003- Silvia attended this years Southern Graphics conference in
      Boston, MA. As always it is wonderful to meet teachers, students and
      professional printmakers. We introduced a great selection of printmaking
      papers and our digital papers were the star of the show. We look forward to
      next year.
      > AIC-2003
      > This year AIC held their conference in Arlington, Virginia. Both Hiromi
      and Silvia attended this years conference, which made it easier and more
      enjoyable. We introduced new conservation items including: Color Haini Roll,
      Water Brushes, and Natural Dyed Paper. These items were received with great
      enthusiasm by the conservators attending. This conference was a very
      rewarding experience and a great way to meet with clients one-on-one. Next
      year it is in Portland, Oregon.
      > On May 18, Ann Toggenburger introduced us album making. This workshop was
      very exciting as we learned how to bind using screw posts, board, cloth and
      paper. Ann was a great instructor and made sure that all of the
      participants understood each step. All of the attendants left pleased with
      their own album creations. We will be inviting Ann back to teach a future
      workshop. Check page four for our current calendar of workshops.
      > 7. ARTICLE
      > REMBRANDT AND GAMPI by Bruce Meade
      > The old man labors up the cobblestone street. He pulls his coat tight
      against the bitter wind knifing in from the North Sea. His eyes are hopeful
      despite the fact he has buried two wives, his children, and lost his house
      to creditors. His name is Harmensz van Rijin Rembrandt and he is looking for
      a sheet of paper.
      > At the paper vendors shop he runs his sensitive fingers over fine German
      and French rag, as well as the Dutch oatmeal paper he has used in the past.
      They are beautiful, but he needs something special. In his minds eye he has
      a vision of a soft white sheet that will take the velvety ink of his etching
      plate so that the print will seem bathed in light.
      > The image will be a self portrait. A depiction of himself, a wrinkled,
      sagging, jowly old man. Humbled by loss and suffering, yet still able to
      stare out at the world with steadfast acceptance. A document of the
      enduring human spirit.
      > He has already etched the image onto a copper plate. He will print only
      one impression, for he has learned that with his pioneering technique of
      drypoint the plate will not hold up to repeated use. Besides he is no longer
      interested in appealing to a larger public through means of editions. He
      wishes only to produce one perfect print.
      > But it seems he will be denied. None of the papers in the shop suit his
      needs, and compromise is not in his nature. He is about to depart when a
      glint of pearlescent white strikes his eye. The glow comes from a stack of
      papers in a far corner of the crowded room. Rembrandt moves to this paper
      and caresses its silken surface.
      > "From Japan" explains the shop keep, pointing out the strange, exotic
      stamps on the wrapping. Which, if they could read Japanese, would identify
      the paper as Gampi, hand made in Ohmi*. The Dutch have just signed a treaty
      with the Shogun in Edo, making them the first western country to have a
      trade agreement with closed door Japan. And handmade paper, with it's long
      tradition of beauty and excellence, has been designated by the Shogun as one
      of Japans' first exports. These sheets of Gampi were among the cargo loaded
      on one of the first Dutch trade ships to ply the route from Yokohama to
      > Rembrandt expertly handles the paper. He feels intuitively it is right for
      his needs. Though he pays dearly he does not care. Poverty does not frighten
      him, he knows his time on this earth is short. All that counts now is the
      > He returns to his studio, and in the thin, slanting light of late
      afternoon inks his etching plate. After dampening the sheet of Gampi he
      places it over the plate and turns the wheel of the press.
      > The paper responds beautifully, allowing the ink to create the subtle
      tonal transitions he has envisioned. So pleased is the aging master that for
      the rest of his life he seeks out Gampi paper for his major drypoint
      > Since the days of publishers clamoring to edition his work are long gone,
      the old man simply stores the masterful self portrait in a box with a
      handful of others. A few years later, upon his death, the etching is given
      to a baker to settle a debt of a few gilders. Three hundred years later it
      sells at a New York City auction for One Million U.S. dollars.
      > Rembrandt, like all true artists, remained open to the influences swirling
      through his world. By taking advantage of the winds of political change
      blowing between Holland and Japan in the mid 17th century he became one of
      the first western printmakers to utilize handmade Japanese paper. Thus
      began a tradition that Hiromi Paper Int. is helping continue into the 21st
      century, supplying contemporary artists with the highest quality Gampi for
      their etching, chin colle, and digital printing projects.
      > This is a list of upcoming workshops hosted by Hiromi Paper International,
      Inc. Some dates, times and Instructors are not yet confirmed, please check
      our website regularly for further information. To register please call our
      toll free number: 1-866-HPWASHI(479-2744). Workshops are normally held in
      our retail shop in Santa Monica, except where listed.
      > September 21, 2003 | PAPER MAKING with Hiromi Katayama
      > Join us again as we host our second Papermaking Workshop in Venice, CA.
      Hiromi Katayama will instruct us on making paper the traditional Japanese
      way. Two sessions available: 10 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 3 pm. $45.00 per
      person. All skill levels.
      > October 2003 | KITE MAKING hosted by The Drachen Foundation
      > The Drachen Foundation hosts another Kite making workshop at Hiromi Paper.
      Join us as they illustrate some amazing-award winning kites and show how to
      construct one. This is an exciting workshop and open to all skill levels.
      More information to come.
      > November 2003 | Bookbinding
      > More information will be available in our next newsletter. Or log on to
      our website for updates.
      > ________________________________________________________________
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