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748Saturday workshop

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  • Lisa Moore
    Jun 25, 2003
      Patrice gave us a great crash course! She had us make 3 books
      from three different jumping-off places: title, text, and
      structure. All the resources we needed were provided for by
      Patrice, and augmented by Sara, so we did not have to start from

      It was interesting to see which approach felt most familiar to me
      and I think for intermediate to advanced book artists this would
      be an excellent workshop as a way to access one's individual
      working style to best advantage. For intermediate bookbinders
      it's a great way to incorporate content if one hasn't had much
      experience doing so.

      And the materials we were given to choose from, wow! A few of us
      actually followed our lust and chose papers we just had to use
      for one of our books!

      I think everyone who was able to stay came away with 3 fully
      formulated ideas and how to complete them, coming away with 3
      mock-ups. I'm confident that in the two-day version, everyone
      will have at least three polished gems to take home.

      The most satisfying part of the day was going around the table,
      seeing & hearing what everyone came up with, as well as offer
      feedback. This was incredibly inspiring, on top of all that
      Patrice offered, not to mention the feast given by Sara &


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