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72Important Yahoo! Alert

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  • Lisa D Moore
    Mar 29, 2002
      Hi, All. This was posted at another group.

      This is from another list. It is accurate. Go to www.yahoogroups.com and
      to Account Info at the top, and click on Edit marketing preferences if
      you want to avoid spam.

      Thanks to a moderator on another Yahoo Group, I have found that Yahoo
      has changed/reset the "opt-in" marketing preferences for Group members (of
      any Yahoo Group) to "yes" without notifying its customers/users.

      This means you'll probably be receiving junk email, junk phone calls,
      and junk snail mail from companies that Yahoo rents its list out to unless you
      change your preferences to "no thank you!"

      Here's the info from a news story on cNET's News.com

      "Yahoo users will now automatically have their marketing preferences set
      to accept updates from a smattering of Yahoo's businesses. Previously,
      users were offered one option to either accept or reject product notices when first
      registering on the site.

      Users will have to click "no" to opt out of receiving e-mails from a
      selection of 13 Yahoo products, ranging from job listings to new media products to inclusion in Yahoo's user surveys, among other things. The page also has
      an option for users to opt in to the Yahoo Delivers service, which sends product
      pitches from third parties.

      Yahoo users will have 60 days upon receiving notice to opt out of these
      promotions. "

      I am pretty mad that they would make this global change without my
      consent. I already opted out of any marketing or sharing of my personal
      information. I wanted to pass on the information to you and let you know how to change the preferences back to "don't send me any marketing."

      1. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com and log in with your username and

      2. Click on "Account Info" link found in the upper right corner of your

      3. Click on "Edit your marketing preferences". They will most likely be
      all marked "yes" for all the spam they wish to send you.

      4. Change any of these that you wish to "no."
      and the 14th entry is: "Special offers from selected Yahoo! partners brought to you by Yahoo! Delivers.
      Edit your Yahoo! Delivers preferences." Double check this link to see what your settings are & edit if nec., click finished to return to preferences.

      5. Be sure to click on the "Save changes" button!

      If there are any other Yahoo Groups moderators on this list, please pass
      this along to your list members.

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