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691Exhibits and talk at UCSB; UCLA benefit auction

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  • Pam Maines
    May 4, 2003
      Currently, there are some small exhibits in the UCSB library of
      interest to book artists:

      1. In the lobby of the library (area just to right of front doors),
      there is an exhibit of books produced by letterpress printer Amos
      Kennedy. Although there is no information provided about the artist,
      in today's News-Press an announcement says he is "a self-proclaimed
      book builder, a black printer who has dedicated his work to the
      'documentation of Negro culture.'" He is giving a talk on Tuesday at
      6:30 in the Multicultural Center Lounge at UCSB. The lecture will
      focus on book building as an art and as a means to creatively express
      social and political messages that are accessible to everyone.

      2. In the hallway on the first floor, opposite the elevators, the
      cases hold a small exhibit of book arts creations from the library's
      collection and local artists. Some are quite creative!

      3. On the 3rd floor, in the Special Collections Library, the current
      exhibit is of old (early to mid-1900s) die-cut advertising pieces,
      some of them quite amusing.

      Also, an auction of artists' books and works on paper is being held
      May 15 to benefit the Artists Books Fund at UCLA Arts Library. It
      will be held at Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills at 6 pm but it also is
      possible to place bids online. The illustrated catalogue is online
      at <http://www.pbagalleries.com>



      Pam Maines
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