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688May Meeting

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  • Lisa Moore
    May 2, 2003
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      Hi All,
      For the May 17th meeting we will be at Jill's (435 E. Pedregosa).
      I, Lisa, will be offering demos for 3-4 bindings a couple of
      which play prominently in the BOOK+PAPER+LETTERS exhibit (&

      All involve flexing/pivoting of page faces to reveal
      content/surface etc. Two are map formats, one is pleated, slit,
      and accordian folded, the other is an adhesive-bound version. A
      third is a closely related form but "used" differently. The last
      one is a square flexagon by Cherryl Moote, a contagious form!


      Paper, several sheets of 8-1/2' x 11", no larger than 12" x 18".
      Copy/inkjet/bond are fine, anything with more body than tracing
      paper, but easy to fold and cut doubled thicknesses of.

      Craft knife & mat, and/or scissors
      Metal straight edge (for craft knife)

      Glue stick, or favorite adhesive & preferred applicator(s)

      Collage items, rubber stamps, color pens/pencils.

      This meeting has been added to the BAC Calendar & reminders will
      be sent.

      Also, please bring any finished entries for the May show,
      deadline is the 18th.

      Lisa M.

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