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588Re: [bookartsconnection] Re: VIRUS - Hoax - do not delete the file

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  • monguio
    Feb 4, 2003
      Barry. You are a jewel. Thanks.


      -----Original Message-----
      From: Barry A. Kintner <a2z@...>
      To: bookartsconnection@yahoogroups.com <bookartsconnection@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Monday, February 03, 2003 11:57 PM
      Subject: [bookartsconnection] Re: VIRUS - Hoax - do not delete the file

      >Good day all -
      >-- Do not know who has either sent or received this eMail message - but it
      is a HOAX trying to get you to delete a file that will then actually
      >cripple your Windows powered machine.
      >-- The reason the "virus" is not detected by your anti-virus software is
      that the file in question is not a virus at all, but it is a file that
      >needs to operate correctly.
      >-- The only concern is that someone has penetrated the groups eMail
      structure and is sending the messages under the Bookartsconnection
      >banner in an attempt to give some credibility to their hoax.
      >-- Anytime you get such a message telling you that you must do something
      now, or urgent, or anything similar - STOP. Look on the internet first
      >before you do anything. hoax.com Norton's website McAfee's website
      etc or simply do a search for the exact thing / file in question
      >before you proceed.
      >-- It is possible that someone has indeed allowed their eMail address book
      to become a target for those who enjoy this sort of thing - protect it.
      >The very easiest thing is to stop using Outlook / Outlook Express and use
      another, less attractive, target. Eudora, Netscape, and the free
      >Pegasus Mail are some choices. Pegasus was selected the very best eMail
      client available this past year - and has been around, and free, for
      >quite a few years.
      >-- Enjoy and take care.
      >Barry A. Kintner, ACPS - a2z@...
      >A2Z Research & Investigation
      >Arizona PI License #9508011 - California PI License #21306
      >Arizona Registered Officer of the Superior Court #3835
      >Arizona Certified Process Server
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      >A2Z Computer Works - Website Design for Business
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