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587Re: VIRUS - Hoax - do not delete the file

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  • Barry A. Kintner
    Feb 3, 2003
      Good day all -
      -- Do not know who has either sent or received this eMail message - but it is a HOAX trying to get you to delete a file that will then actually
      cripple your Windows powered machine.
      -- The reason the "virus" is not detected by your anti-virus software is that the file in question is not a virus at all, but it is a file that Windows
      needs to operate correctly.
      -- The only concern is that someone has penetrated the groups eMail structure and is sending the messages under the Bookartsconnection
      banner in an attempt to give some credibility to their hoax.
      -- Anytime you get such a message telling you that you must do something now, or urgent, or anything similar - STOP. Look on the internet first
      before you do anything. hoax.com Norton's website McAfee's website etc or simply do a search for the exact thing / file in question
      before you proceed.
      -- It is possible that someone has indeed allowed their eMail address book to become a target for those who enjoy this sort of thing - protect it.
      The very easiest thing is to stop using Outlook / Outlook Express and use another, less attractive, target. Eudora, Netscape, and the free
      Pegasus Mail are some choices. Pegasus was selected the very best eMail client available this past year - and has been around, and free, for
      quite a few years.
      -- Enjoy and take care.

      Barry A. Kintner, ACPS - a2z@...
      A2Z Research & Investigation
      Arizona PI License #9508011 - California PI License #21306
      Arizona Registered Officer of the Superior Court #3835
      Arizona Certified Process Server
      Charter Member - Public Records Retrievers Network
      AIA - http://www.investigators-a2z.com
      A2Z Computer Works - Website Design for Business
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