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56Greetings from Waterleaf Mill & Bindery:

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  • patbooks2000
    Jan 31, 2002

      I'm writing you to let you all know that I have had a cancellation
      from my expected apprentice. She was coming for 3 months starting in
      March 1,2002. Well, she fell on some ice, and is flat on her back for
      the next few
      months! Poor thing.

      So, there's a space in my brand new studio in Santa Maria CA, for a
      time apprentice for March, April and May. Santa Maria is on the
      coast of California, about 1/2 hour south of San Luis Obispo and 1
      north of Santa Barbara. Allow me to quote from my own Apprentice

      "Waterleaf Mill & Bindery and Pequeno Press offer traditional
      apprenticeships to those interested in learning the techniques of
      papermaking, marbling and bookbinding; also the process of limited
      book production and the ins and outs of running a small business. The
      position is unpaid, and we don't charge for training. Apprentices are
      expected to assist on any project in the studio, whether it's the
      papermaker's helper or marbling chemical mixer or whatever, there's
      alot to
      learn by doing. Working in the bindery consists of boxmaking, binding
      limited ediitons we produce (we specialize in miniature books) and
      about book design.

      Apprentice do some ordinary chores in the studio, like providing
      with promotional mailings and advertising flyers. Work hours are from
      1:00pm to 5:pm five days a week, and time before and after work and on
      weekends is for private projects the apprentice is expected to
      produce. All
      studio equipment and machinery is at their disposal (not including
      paints and dyes, etc. -- the "used up" things must be supplied or paid
      for). The training here is usually on a one-to-one, private basis
      unless we
      are holding an occasional class. Assisting in the workshops is also
      one of
      the duties of the apprentice, however, most of the time, BOOKBINDING
      be the primary occupation.

      Our extensive studio library will be available as well as workshop
      and handouts for the various techniques. Apprentices are encouraged to
      advantage of these during off-hours. And I am always available to help
      with the private projects of the apprentices.

      To apply, write us about yourself, your education, interests, work
      background and reasons for your wanting to learn book arts at
      Mill & Bindery. We'd also like to see a few samples or photos of any
      you've done in recent past. Since this is an unpaid position, you
      carefully consider your income or financial assistance before you
      come. We
      offer a (brand new) apartment behind the bindery for apprentices at a
      nominal rent. We require a term of two months minimum stay."

      I know this is short notice, but there must be someone who can
      the starting date (which is negotiable, by the way). The position will
      to the first one who can commit definitely! Otherwise, we could
      you for the Winter months... the summer, I think, is filled, as well
      as Fall.

      Please think about this and get back to me soon if you are at all


      Pat Baldwin
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