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  • Pat Baldwin <patbooks@mindspring.com>
    Jan 12, 2003
      However, the actual attendance hasn't been outsized at all. I would
      recommend leaving the regular meeting date alone and encouraging more
      of the membership to attend. There are many members up there and down
      there who could offer a short workshop for our meetings. The original
      intent of the group was to learn from each other, and I, for one,
      would like to learn lots of new things from other members.

      Speaking of new things, does anyone remember that we're supposed to be
      making a group book of Sources & Resources and Tips & Secrets? I would
      like to collect more of each of those subjects from members, whether
      they are regularly coming to meetings or not. It's going to be a
      dynamite book, IF we ever get dynamite under everyone! The real work
      hasn't even begun, and the project is getting limp already. EMAIL ME
      YOUR IDEAS!!!! I'd like sketches of them as well.


      > Interesting idea, Gianna.
      > Patrice
      > > ...The BAC extends
      > > from SLO to Ventura, with a very large membership. It seems that
      > two sites
      > > for
      > > meetings and workshops at any given time presents more choices ...
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