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  • Barry A. Kintner
    Jan 28, 2002
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      Good day -
      -- I would suggest that you consider the option of sending postcards instead of envelopes. A member or two could do a bit of
      calligraphy - borders - lettering - map for the "front" of the card ( omit address to encourage calling / RSVPs ) to announce that a
      meeting would be held on such-and-such a date for xxx purpose. New image for each card - little art pieces - copy onto card stock,
      trim, stamp, !Viola - nice - and fun - and costs less too.
      -- Set the size for the image for copying for 4-up for the copies and get four postcards from a single 8 1/2 x 11, trim them to a slightly
      long postcard, and pop them into the mail. Can even have a template for the front for the address portion, so is much quicker for the
      person who will copy & mail them.
      -- Gotta be people who would contribute a little art for the project - one for each of the mailings.

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