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492Re: [bookartsconnection] Happy New Year Y'all - Jan schedule...

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  • Angela Harkavy
    Jan 3 12:59 PM
      Hi Pat,
      So these are the classes for January. Is this a change of plans? I was
      planning on the leather envelop book. Thanks, Angela

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      >I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration tonight and a peaceful and
      >creative 2003! I've settled on the two SATURDAY WORKSHOPS for January.
      >On January 11th it'll be "ECCENTRIC SIDE STAB STRUCTURES" - There are
      >many uses for the side stab book - journals, ledgers, notebooks,
      >single sheet bindings etc. This traditional Japanese/Chinese style has
      >much to offer. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Soft and hard cover Western
      >variations to the side stab structure. Also some beautiful spine
      >sewing designs.
      >On January 25th we'll have "FAUX COPTIC" - A simpler and quicker
      >look-alike of the traditional Coptic spine sewing. WHAT YOU WILL
      >LEARN: The sequence and sewing of this interesting and useful
      >structure. Suggestions for designing and laying out text.
      >All workshops are $50 and are held at my studio in Santa Maria from
      >1:00 to 4:00. All tools and materials are supplied.
      >See you there!
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