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  • thrillkult9@aol.com
    Dec 15, 2002
      i am having a bit of trouble trying to figure out a method or format for
      arranging pages in a bound codex with signatures. somehow i just cant figure
      out what the order of the pages ought to be for this to work.

      i found an instruction (oddly, in a book about scientific illustration) for a
      signature page, but the writer does not go in to great detail about the
      technicalities of it. i have attatched this as a downloadable image so that
      anyone may examine it and possibly decipher it. the author briefly notes,
      "this sheet of paper is folded before being bound ... so that the pages are
      arranged sequentially." she adds that this signature method is done for
      pieces that are to be printed "with several pages on a single sheet of
      paper." i have played and experimented with this model for awhile and have
      yet to come up with anything that works. anyone want to try?

      ok, so then does anyone have suggestions about an alternative arrangement for
      ordering of codex signatures? maybe keith smith has the answer.

      thanks for taking the time to read and think about this.
      jason f

      post script - i know that there might be a simpler way to upload this
      illustration that i'm talking about onto some group webpage but i dont know
      how/where to post it to, so if someone knows and wants to make it available,
      i am willing to learn.

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