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423Re: Re: An Evocative Saturday

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  • Lisa M
    Nov 17, 2002
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      >I'm cool with anytime we want to use the place.
      >Good news, bad news! Good news....no more deposit for clean up. We
      >didn't even have to vacuum. So I am not worried any longer about the
      >$l00 fee. Bad news. It does cost a $20.00 useage fee which I paid as
      >my contribution this time. I suggest that if we meet again we just
      >have a pot for donations....spare change kind of thing to pay the
      >$20.00 and I'll make up the difference.

      Gianna, I owe you $4, the Rec. Rm is so worth it! And I agree
      completely about a kitty to cover the usage fee, so there's no bad
      news here to my mind!

      Lisa (AKA. artboox)