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416Re: [bookartsconnection] Re: Retchoso workshop

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  • Angela Harkavy
    Nov 14, 2002
      Hi Pat,
      I will love to join your January workshop. Angela.

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      >Thank you, Cathy. I had a good time giving the workshop. It was a lot
      >of fun. That's the end of Saturday Workshops until next year. On the
      >second Saturday of January I think I'll do one on "THE LEATHER-WRAPPED
      >In case anyone would like to join, I'm giving a 5 day Papermaking
      >workshop from December 9th to 13th. I have a woman from San Diego
      >coming, but I'll have room for 1 or 2 more. We'll go through pulp
      >beating and mixing, coloring pulp, chemistry of papermaking, basic
      >paper pulling, double dipping, layers of color and many variations of
      >papermaking for different purposes... book paper, artworks,
      >stationary, etc., paper books and paper suppliers. It'll be $300 + $15
      >materials fee = $315. The class starts at 11: am each day and goes
      >until someone falls to the floor.
      >Hope one or two of you will join us.
      > > Thanks Pat for another GREAT workshop. This is a binding that I
      > > really like as it opens up to lay so flat. I like the idea that it
      > > can be made any size; both hard or soft cover. And with the addition
      > > of beads or whatever to embellish it, this is going to be another
      > > wonderful addition to the world of making books ~ another piece of
      > > art. The Retchoso binding will make for some wonderful
      > > journals....can't wait to make more!
      > > Thanks again Pat!
      > > Cathy Travis
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