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38paper for book artists

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  • Nigel Vellam
    Jan 1, 2002
      I am a book artist and Papermaking and also into some letterpress
      printing, I make handmade papers to order for book artists, and teach
      Papermaking, So if anyone ever needs any special papers making or
      information contact me on my e-mail nigel.vellam@.... We also run
      workshops at our studio / mill in France.
      I have made paper for over 17 yrs but now I am doing some work with
      artist books. One project that I work on each year is the making of 45
      books in one day, from start to finish that includes making some of the
      paper, letterpress printing, ink jet printing, etchings printed, etc.,
      and finishing with the book binders, a hard days work with lots of fun.
      Nigel Vellam