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375Hi! Thought i'd introduce myself

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  • helenmorganrudd
    Nov 4, 2002
      Hi, I'm Helen Rudd and I've been making books for about 5 years,
      about as long as I have been stamping. I have been teaching various
      binding techniques and (attempting!) to create my own for about 2
      years. I LOVE the book arts. I wish I lived out west so that I
      could actually experience workshops I don't have to fly to :)
      I have been a lurker here for a couple of weeks and finally maganged
      to get time today to sit down and play on the computer.

      I went to a stamp convention in Milwaukee this past weekend and saw a
      company called Articus Studios. Has anyone on here heard of it? She
      was demonstrating a pretty cool measuring device called the book
      wizard. I think she makes it as well. Just wanted to see if anyone
      had used it.

      There was also a beautiful paper company there with lovely italian
      prints. I bought tons of them for decorative covers and endpapers.

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