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32art show benefit sale

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  • Pat Hartleben
    Nov 9, 2001
      I have been working with Jill Littlewood to create a small gallery space
      located adjacent to her home in Santa Barbara. We have been motivated
      to provide much needed space for local artists to show their work. At
      some point this gallery space may morph into a book arts center for Santa
      Barbara, and it can also be a venue for the showing of book arts, papers,
      collage, assemblage, as well as other media.
      In Jill's email to the book arts connection she has extended an invitation
      to the book arts group to place art work in the gallery for it's first
      show on Dec. 1. This show is in conjunction with a sale of handicrafts
      made by Afghan women to raise funds for the Revolutionary Association
      of the Women of Afghanistan. All sales would be a 50/50 split between
      the artist and RAWA. As Jill mentioned in her email, delicate books would
      not be appropriate for this show, but collage, assemblage, paintings,
      or other wall hung work or cards that could be sold at a table would
      be good. There is a garden space outside the gallery where ceramics or
      sculpture can be placed, but if it is work that needs a pedestal you
      would need to provide it. The gallery space is not large, so we might
      have trouble accommodating large work. If you would like to come over
      to look at the space before you deliver your art to see what would work
      best in the space, please do so.
      We will be hanging the show Nov. 28 and we are requesting that all art
      be delivered to the gallery on or before Nov. 27. We will have a form
      for you to fill out (your name, title of artwork, price of artwork, etc.)that
      you will need to affix to the work.
      Call Jill to let her know when you would like to deliver your art work
      or if you want to come over to see the space.
      Jill Littlewood
      435 E. Pedragosa
      Santa Barbara 93103
      On the day of the show Jill will be attending to the sale of the handicrafts
      and I will attend to the art work in the gallery.
      You can come by Sun. Dec. 2 to pick up any unsold art and/or checks for
      works sold.
      Call me if you have any other questions and check Jill's previous email
      for additional information.
      Pat Hartleben

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