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1810book arts classes in Santa Barbara - what do you want?

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  • Sharon Engel
    Jun 13, 2011
      Great that you're doing this, Jill. I have no suggestions other than
      those you've mentioned for structures that can be done in a 2 hours
      class. However, there is a neat 2 signature binding that's quick and
      easy and impressive....don't know how to explain it to you. Also,
      there was a little book that we made at your house once that's fun.
      It was an accordian but it had cut outs that could turn from one side
      to the other (back to front) and it was glued onto boards for a hard
      cover. Guess these have to be pretty minimal/fast/easy. The appeal
      will have to be in the papers and content and accoutrements.
      Personally I love paste papers and I don't like tunnel books and pop-
      up...just my opinion.
      I passed your email on to the members of of my BookArts group and they
      are asking "where" and "cost" of the classes.
      Sharon Engel

      On Jun 12, 2011, at 11:50 PM, Jill Littlewood wrote:

      > I'm going to teach three book arts classes in July - Saturdays from
      > 11-1 on the 16th, 23rd, and30th. This is a trial balloon since I am
      > teaching at Fishbon, an artists collective that has just gone from
      > years of being underground to in-the-media with their current dance
      > festival: the Santa Barbara Adapt Dance Festival (it was on the
      > cover of Scene in the SB News Press with a two page spread inside.)
      > Anyway, I am going to teach the first class on Guerilla Bookmaking:
      > fast, cheap, easy, using recycled material - the kind of thing you
      > can make in 10 minutes and take to Burning Man. Also a simple one
      > signature pamphlet with different styles of binding. But then I
      > was thinking what else? We haven't had Sally Timlin's classes at
      > Adult Ed for years now - is there anyone in this community who wants
      > to come and has a request? Pop-ups? Tunnel books? Hidden parts
      > and secret envelopes? Journals? Paste Papers? Accordion and map
      > fold books? Japanese side stab binding? I'm game for whatever.
      > Jill
      > Jill Littlewood
      > President, Friends of Dard Hunter Inc.
      > www.friendsofdardhunter.org
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