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  • Jill Littlewood
    Nov 5, 2010
      Hi everyone,

      Fishbon is a collaborative arts group here in Santa Barbara and they are
      going to do a wonderful, crazy Xmas tree farm this year on the weekend of
      December 10, 11, and 12. It will be at 46 Helena St. one block from Stearns
      Warf. The trees will be cut from wood in cool patterns - flames and such
      since a lot of these folks go to burning man - and they will also have their
      annual Santa Con event with costumes you never knew Santas dressed in
      bration/). To decorate the trees I'm working up some ideas that use paper:
      kirigami (http://rhodiadrive.com/2007/11/13/kirigami/), quilling, origami,
      and others. I thought this paper snow flake might be of interest to this
      group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ausJdGcgs0k

      I am also going to be doing a doll/puppet thing that has always been
      successful, this time using the holiday theme. It is so simple it is
      magical: cross two sticks together and wrap them so they don't move too
      much. Now start putting fabric and broken jewelry parts on. I am always
      amazed at how this simple beginning gives permission to go in any direction:
      if you are a seven year old boy, it becomes a super-hero with the addition
      of a cape. If you are a girl, a crown or wings is all you need to be a
      fairy princess. My daughter and I used to make these dolls in the field by
      crossing two sticks, wrapping with grass, and adding acorn heads, moss hair,
      stone jewelry, and pod bodies. The folks at Fishbon made some bizarre and
      wondrous things and thought this workshop was one of the best ever. At
      Arrowmont recently I had a table of fabric and paper and some glittery stuff
      and people were off and running: one woman did a dragon it took her three
      days to finish while others turned out several doll/puppet beings in an

      If you are local and want to give me scraps of fabric and broken watches,
      jewelry, etc. that would be great. I have enough paper for all the things I
      want to do, but if you have ideas for paper ornaments please pass them on to
      all of us.


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