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1742Re: I like this journal making book

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Aug 2, 2010
      To answer Jeanette's question about where I could read parts of "How to be
      an Explorer of the World": look under the picture of the book on Amazon
      where it says "search this book". They have put up long sections - just
      scroll down.

      What I am doing this summer is making paper for shrouds - my next political
      piece. Paper. Life size. Haven't figured it all out but I am working on a
      long project about Descent. I have done a lot of things since I was showing
      "Death and Other Lives" and I kept thinking I didn't want to go back to the
      theme of death. I don't want to be the Doyenne of Death. But nothing else
      speaks so loudly to me. Every time I see a picture in the paper of a person
      in a shroud or a coffin I think about what a reckless, endless war this is
      and how much suffering it has caused. So I am putting that into sculpture.

      I am also going to Korea to the International Hand Papermaking conference:
      showing my work and giving a talk. I've never been to the Pacific Rim so I
      am excited. I am especially pleased to be going to a country where I can't
      read the signage. Something about being surrounded by lettering in
      characters I can't decipher makes me giddy with curiosity. I guess once you
      fall in love with letters you fall in love with all the graphic
      representations: not being able to "read" the words I will have to use other
      senses, like de-coding, to make sense of what I am seeing. Or I will just
      hang out in the splendor of being in the middle of signs. Can't say I felt
      that way in Las Vegas recently: I went with my husband because he was
      nominated for an Emmy for "All My Children". What a sorry mess it is. I
      remember loving the cacophony of it all, the visual circus. But I can't
      find that any more: it is just corporate logo land, like any theme park. A
      wasteful desert in a desert.

      What are other people doing? I've been curious forever about our silent
      group - who is out there and what are you doing?


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