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  • Jill Littlewood
    Jul 20, 2008
      An idea whose time has surely come.


      Dear Friends

      Here's an other take on the question "What is a book?"

      "A new kind of Library has opened, where instead of books you can borrow a
      Muslim - or a single father, or a transvestite, for a chat.


      Forsyth volunteers to be lent as a 'book', and asks whether this concept can
      really help break down stereotypes.*

      A Muslim, a Catholic and a transsexual are sitting in a library. An opener
      to a joke this is not: It is the Living Library - where, instead of books,
      you borrow people. You pick a person for a 30-minute dialogue in which you
      can ask questions, engage in meaningful discourse or simply bounce ideas. I
      wait with the other 'books' to be borrowed."

      Complete article about the Living Library in east London may be found at

      be found at

      and from the Christian Science Monitor


      You can find out more information at their website:


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