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1586Chuck Close watermark

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Jan 16, 2008
      I’m not sure if Yahoo groups will support the chiaroscuro image made by
      Chuck Close in paper – a riveting example of how beautiful watermarks can
      be. If the image doesn’t come through and you are interested, go to
      <http://www.dieudonne.org/> http://www.dieudonne.org/ and click on artists.
      The watermark is the face in grey in the upper left hand side – but by now
      we all know what Chuck Close looks like.

      I am in Hawaii doing a site check for the Friends of Dard Hunter – our
      annual conference is in October as listed below. Today I communed with a
      green sea turtle about 2 feet away from me; it was munching algae, I was
      drawing the patterns of its reptile skin. Every once in awhile it would
      lift its head and spit out a little water, looking directly at me without so
      much as an iota of interest. The strange beak, made of what looks like
      fingernail material, seemed prehistoric in its simplicity and crude
      usefulness. Good for tearing algae apparently, since all the sea turtles I
      see are healthy looking. They bask on the lava and roll about in the sea
      among the brightly colored fish. At night the moray eels come out and
      slither among the rocks, which are lit up by lights from our hotel. The air
      is balmy, the flowers gaudy, the trees and vines duke it out to see who will
      get the sun.

      It really is bewitching here.


      Jill Littlewood

      VP Annual Meetings for the Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.


      435 E. Pedregosa

      Santa Barbara, CA, 93103

      (805) 898-9260 (home)

      (805) 448-2045 (cell)

      (805) 898-0703 (fax)


      Kona, Hawaii, October 23 -26, 2008


      From: dieudonne@... [mailto:dieudonne@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 9:44 AM
      To: jill@...
      Subject: Dieu Donne - Chuck Close

      If you cannot view the images, please click here
      <http://www.dieudonne.org/main.cfm?chID=6&inc=studiorental> .


      Dieu Donné - Light and shade watermark edition by Chuck Close

      Watermark Self-Portrait
      Dieu Donné is pleased to release a new limited edition by Chuck Close,
      Watermark Self-Portrait. The image is embedded into the fabric of the paper,
      created by a light and shade watermark.

      The image is taken from Chuck Close's daguerreotype photographs. The
      daguerreotype was the first commercially viable form of photography, dating
      from circa 1839. The chiarocsuro watermark is the most complex watermark
      that exists today. It conveys depth and modeling more so than the line
      watermark. The light and shade watermark was developed as a means of
      monetary security. Technology accelerated as a means of outwitting
      counterfeit, with significant artistic implications. Watermark Self-Portrait
      was developed with the artist, Crane & Company, Dieu Donné Papermill, and
      Susan Gosin of Dieu Donné Press.

      For more information, please contact Catherine C. Parker
      <mailto:cparker@...> , Gallery Director at (212) 226-0573. Gallery
      hours Tuesday–Friday, 10–6 pm, Saturday, 12–6 pm, and by appointment.

      Chuck Close
      Watermark Self-Portrait, 2007
      light and shade watermark, abaca and cotton fiber pigmented with carbon
      11 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches
      Edition of 35
      Co-published with Dieu Donné Press and Dieu Donné Papermill
      Light and shade watermark developed by Crane & Company



      <http://www.dieudonne.org/main.cfm?chID=6&inc=studiorental> Studio

      Dieu Donné 315 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018 www.dieudonne.org (212)

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