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1499workshop with Michael Burke in July

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  • Joyce Resnik
    Feb 12, 2007
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      Marcia Moore of Backspace Bookarts is having Michael Burke at her studio for a workshop
      on Waxed Tablets. The price hasn't been set yet, but for the two days it will probably run
      around $255.00 This book is expensive to produce. Michael is from England and does
      historical models, as well as other fine bindings. I have taken his classes and find his
      teaching style excellent. Wanted you to be the first to hear about the workshop.

      Here are some websites so you can explore what waxed tablets are:



      I think of the waxed tablet as an early "stickie note" or "chalk board"

      The Byzantine codex book I shared with some of you was from a 5 day class I took with
      Michael at San Francisco Center for the Book.

      Marcia hasn't posted it on her website yet but will soon. Here is her website for future use:

      The dates are Saturday ad Sunday, July 7th and 8th. the studio is in Venice. I'm definitely
      going to attend.

      Marcia's email is: marcia@...

      Cheers to you all!

      Joyce Resnik