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1450origami and ???

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  • Jill Littlewood
    Aug 23, 2006
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      Origami USA is hosting an interdisciplinary conference on September 8-10 at Caltech in Pasadena, CA. The conference brings together artists, scientists, technologists and educators who explore the relationship between folding, art, mathematics, technology and education. Here's a link for more information: http://www.langorigami.com/science/4osme/40sme.php4

      Machine Project, a gallery in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles, will have a related exhibit called the Business Card Menger Sponge show. Machine Project is a delightfully eclectic and irreverent gallery that is always fun to check out. The opening is this Saturday, August 26 from 7-10 PM Here's a link for more information: http://machineproject.com/2006/08/21/the-business-card-menger-sponge-2/

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