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1397survey for artists in California

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  • Jill Littlewood
    May 4 3:48 PM
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      Tracey Morris <tmorris@...> wrote:

      Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 11:35:38 -0700
      From: Tracey Morris <tmorris@...>
      To: traceyamorris@...
      Subject: [LACN] (SURVEY) LA/Bay Area Artists (fwd)

      Dear California Artist,

      We are conducting a web-based survey of how Los Angeles and Bay Area

      artists develop artistic work across commercial, non-profit and

      community sectors. Our study, for the James Irvine and Hewlett

      Foundations, is endorsed by the Los Angeles Arts Commission, the City of

      Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Alliance for California

      Traditional Arts, the Durfee, Flintridge, Haas, and San Francisco

      Foundations, and the many artists' organizations who helped us reach


      We are trying to reach as many musicians, writers, performing artists

      and visual artists as possible. What's in it for artists? The chance to

      tell us how your artistic work bridges these sectors, to share with us

      your own story as an artist and to recommend ways that the barriers

      between the commercial, non-profit and community arts worlds can be


      The survey should take about 20 minutes. We are awarding ten $100

      prizes by lottery for participants. Our research design, approved by the

      human subjects protocol at the University, guarantees anonymity for

      respondents and protection of all email addresses from any other use. We

      will use this same route to notify you of our resulting study and its

      availability for free on our website.

      To take the survey, please go to the following website:


      Within a week or so, there will be a Spanish language version available

      - please see the zoomerang website to find out about that.

      Please pass this on to other Los Angeles and Bay Area artists you


      Thank you so much!

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