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1191Re: very cool graph paper

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  • Barry A. Kintner
    Feb 19, 2005
      Good day all -
      -- I came upon the same program some time ago and saved it to my hard drive. Looks very interesting and one day I too will install it.
      -- Everytime I run my spyware detector it shows this program to have a component that is considered to be spyware. At least in the version
      I have here. You should check yours.
      -- It is reported as a 'reporting' utility built into the program. It will 'call home' if you will. Possibly innocuous - but ... we never
      know what it info it is sending to whoever without extra effor - no need. Just remove that component of the program..
      -- If you download this program - Save it to a folder of your choosing ( I have a folder especially for my downloaded programs - and never
      permit one to install directly ).
      -- Then hit the 'Stop' or 'Block' button on your firewall to stop all communications in or out.
      -- Install the program normally - and if it asks to connect to the internet, say no.
      -- Then run ( my choice ) Spybot Search & Destroy and ( again my choice ) AVG AntiVirus. ( both are free for personal use ). When Spybot is
      finished checking the hard drive ( or you could check just the folder you saved it to if you do this consistently ) it should show the
      component I mentioned. Allow it to remove it automatically. Then the program seems to be fine to use.
      -- For safety, this technique for downloaded programs should be used at all times. And if you are not actually using the internet - always
      hit that 'Stop' button. If you use the internet regularly and download programs and such - run those two free programs regularly - at least
      once a week - if done daily they take shorter times to run.
      -- I have literally hundreds of these programs I've downloaded for use, testing, etc ( about 350 right now on my computer ) - and recommend
      many many of them - and if you pay attention you can find nearly any kind of program for your use as Freeware. Just be careful.
      -- I use serveral of them daily, keep a disc for quick installation of them on others computers, etc, and find many to be better than many
      you can buy.
      -- Here's one of my favorites. ( and no spyware ) - The Font Thing - http://members.ozemail.com.au/~scef/tft.html - look down on
      the page for the 'Screenshots' link, to get a view of what this little program will do. Basically for those who like and use letters.
      Very useful program written by someone who could not find just what they wanted in a font management program we suspect.
      -- Take care and have fun.

      Barry Kintner - a2z@... - Phoenix, Arizona
      A2Z Computer Works - http://www.a2zcomputerworks.com

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