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102Proposal for May 18th meeting

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  • Lisa Moore
    May 1, 2002
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      Proposal for May 18th meeting:

      I invite anyone who's interested in giving a
      demonstration in a technique or holding a discussion
      about paper/book/fiber related arts & crafts to
      volunteer for Jill's meeting.
      I would nominate Charles for his tips & techniques on
      binding/restoration, but we may have a large turnout.

      If no one steps forward in the next week, I'd like to
      suggest three things for group consideration.

      1. Bringing instruction/reference publications from
      our personal libraries in the afore mentioned areas of
      interest, even flyers, catalogs, or bibliography lists
      are great resources.

      2. We bring small, portable projects we're working on
      and have an open studio.

      3. Use the day to create a collaborative project, like
      developing a 3-hour 'round-robin' that we can
      contribute to the So-Called Books Exhibit.

      Please post any other suggestions and feedback.

      Remember to bring submissions for "So-Called Books"
      between now & Sunday, May 19th!


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