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Dream Across Time available today

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  • Bonnie Dee
    Dream Across Time is available at Liquid Silver Books (previously published as Piscean Dreams,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2009
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      Dream Across Time  is available at Liquid Silver Books (previously published as Piscean Dreams, re-edited and expanded)

      Separated by time, two lovers meet only in their dreams.

      Aiyana, a Native American healer and Connor, a civil lawyer, are lovers who live in New York stateĀ—several hundred years apart. They meet in increasingly vivid dreams.

      As vague, erotic encounters become more concrete, the two form a connection that transcends time and space. Both search for a way to make contact during waking life, and they come together through astral projection. But can the lovers ever meet on the physical plane? And is their newfound love strong enough for one of them to be willing to sacrifice a familiar life to live in a foreign world?

      Check out the book trailer HERE .

      Thanks to all who read and enjoyed Hearts Afire: January last month and made it such a great seller for T.A. and me. Hope you'll try Dream Across Time. You can read several excerpts HERE .



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