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  • Gegg Carlson wrote : "It never *quite* gets to telling you exactley how to cut "X" broadseem for "Y"shape" about The Sailmakers Apprentice. That raises the question what do sailmakers read/do to learn how to "cut "X" broadseam for "Y" shape". Albert van Hulzen ---------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: This e-mail and any attachments is intended...
    Albert van Hulzen Aug 6, 2003
  • If you are going to abandon calculating and try weighing a test-jam-jar you are at a risk. Use a larger test volume. The packing ratio of the shot that is in contacht with the walls of its container is lower. In the middle the spaces between te shot is filled more effciently with shot. |OOOOOOO| | OOOOOO | LARGER VOIDS |OOOOOOO| ------------------- | |__>>> SMALLER VOIDS Multplying...
    Albert van Hulzen Dec 11, 2002
  • Albert, Don't think so... pi r squated X length radius, not diameter, and no .25 multiplier Cheers, Jim Surpise! It is! This way you can enter (measurement) data of the diamter directly into your calculations. 2 * radius^2 * pi * length = 2 * (0.5 *diameter)^2 * pi * length = 2 * 0.25 * diameter^2 * pi * length Greetings, Albert van Hulzen
    Albert van Hulzen May 1, 2001
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  • Volume of a cylinder = 0.25 * pi * diameter^2 (squared) * length = 0.25 * 3.1416 * (1.25)^2 * (100' * 12) = 1472.6 cubic inches |_______|--> feet * 12 = number of inches : always calculate in figures that have the same dimensions. Don't mix feet with miles, convert one to the other. Albert van Hulzen
    Albert van Hulzen Apr 26, 2001
  • I've read some of the messages on combining design features of the folding, light and singlehand schooner into a "modern schooner". A schooner with a bowsprit that can de sailed singlehand seems attractive to me. To learn how to sail I am planning to buy/build some small cheap open boat. This would also serve to at least have something to be sailing on before I can afford to start...
    Albert van Hulzen Sep 28, 2000